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did people like you the same before you listened to subliminals?


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did people like you the same before you listened to subliminals?


like charisma and social subliminals like bright aura or dating ones like attract perfect man/female etc



do you think it's because of the subliminals or it was already on you and the subliminals just made you concious and looking for signs?

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I can reply on the dating part a bit but not so sure about the social part:


I have found that any subliminals on attracting more men have worked well for me, in the sense of more guys being attracted.  Sometimes it's only been guys online, other times a little bit of both.  Perfect guy one hasn't kicked in yet but I haven't been doing it daily, however, sometimes if I listen it builds my faith in this & helps me feel more positive about it.  There's one on here too about getting an ex back & I think after doing it for about a month, during that time OTHER guys from the past suddenly started to get in touch! so it might work quite well.  


Socially, I've tried one of the subs from the charisma program actually I just tried a few of them before going out to a meetup group.  Normally I'll have one main person (it varies as to who) who will chat with me and hang out with me at these things but after THAT time I had at least three people, at different times on this walk come up and have big chats with me.  And after the walk, when people were going to a dinner, as a 2nd meetup event, about four people were like, please come along, please it will be fun!  I didn't though, I was quite tired!


What I really want is some close female friends though.  I used to have that.  Who will call/text and ask to go out and do something.  But I think it's still a great start, what happened.  I'd be very interested to hear about other people's experiences with the social ones.  And the dating ones too.

I know someone here REALLY wanted to get laid and I think they said subs may possibly have helped a bit with the mindset? And achieved that.  


Sometimes I use subs on certain blocks to attracting a relationship, like I've said, I've found shyness an issue so i'm doing the comfort zone one as and when.  But I'm still predominantly attracting guys who want to bonka bonka me and while not THAT long ago that would have been fun! now I actually want dates and a relationship so while it's been than them not being attracted at all, it's sort of annoying?


But that reminds me too, when I listened to the one on romantic men, I DID get a few dinner dates & I think the wealthy men had some little interesting results too.  


Anyway, it's worth a go.


I'm keen very keen to hear about others' experiences with them, but especially socially! 

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I've always been into subliminals for some 20 odd years but never found anything on level of Georges,  made my own for quite a few years and they worked but not on same vast level as these, given the volume of voices ect , as your soul resonates with the subliminals at your deepest core, then your vibration frequency will also change to accommodate that change.

Thus i have found when that happens old friends even relationships naturally fall away  as they no longer are in tune with that old frequency, humans for most prefer safe status quo, so when the new you starts to emerge ,they cant handle it. 

So in retrospect i see that as a very positive thing, a stamp of success upon your soul, as for perfection i don't believe any human can be perfect , for me personally i would be bored with such a human, i kinda like that rough edge , it is what makes us human and interesting.

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