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Max Power

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I help my clients choose the financial products that best suit their needs. 

I explain complex information clearly and simply to my clients. 

I make millions of euros a year as a financial adviser.

I love financial topics. 

Financial information is pleasure for me.

I get successfully approved as a financial adviser. 

I am the most successful financial adviser in my country. 

I love economics and talking about it.

I make people trust me with their financial information.

I make a great, positive and competent first impression on my clients and people.

I love researching financial  products and I am good at it.

I have thousands of clients.

I am loved by my clients.

All my clients gladly recommend my services to other people.

I have the most powerful network in my industry.

I always prepare clear and concise recommendation for my clients.

I am always keeping up to date with new financial products and changes in the law. 

I am a very talented and skilled financial advisor.

I have an extremely high financial IQ.

I am a talented and powerful networker.

I am daily contacted by new clients and prospects.


And the same suggestions with the "you"-prefix, please.


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