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You guys which money subs do you recommend?

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I'm sort of stuck in a day job (teacher) and lately have had debt issues.  That MIGHT be getting resolved but I don't know for a few months... SO I want to do that one on getting rid of debt but am also looking for a helpful money one but maybe one that you dont' have to have a business first?  What videos, you know what subs have you listened to on attracting money that you've found really helpful?

Thanks in advance. 

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just listen to any money one, I quicken the process by combining the same track (1000 times into a music file, with one much louder in volume and the others at 0.55db with one Faith & Belief track) You might need to listen to Resistance Free first. LOTS of ppl have internal money blockage cuz of societal beliefs (Rich ppl are bad-have low morals or Money is evil. All those stupid beliefs won't help. I know individuals in my community who are both rich and morally sound/give back to the community (so dont believe in neg money beliefs) 


Hope that Helped Athena, 



Love <3, Light :) , Limitless...

Cheers Skye, 

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