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Athena's Awesomeness Journal:

Sorry boys, I think it's HIGH time for a  GIRL journal here ;-)

I use quite a lot of the subs and I'll be exploring some of the paid programs I already own in more depth later & while I will also do some individual reviews too, I REALLY want to do my OWN journal here too.  Hope you enjoy & get inspired. Regardless,  "hello world" welcome to Athena's Awesomeness Journal.  A quick content warning it MIGHT be R-rated or maybe just PG at times.  Without further ado.....

First entry!


I tried out the sexual transmutation sub for two weeks though initially I was going to do it for a month.  Erm, yeah this is why the content warning came in:  I got super horny!  I did't notice much else but I decided to stop listening - I thought it would be a great one to try as I'm being celibate for a year (ends late April) but with those results I didn't want to fall off the wagon and have sex!!! but it might be a great one if anyone is going though a low sex drive (though for most of us it's HIGH!)  Probably TMI to share that but it might be helpful to someone? Or not!?! Moving on!.... Link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/topic/905-sex-transmutation/?hl=transmutation


I'm not listening to the whole thing with either or I might get TOO much effect & I want to still be told I'm prettier in real life.  But, esp. as I end my dating break in less than 2 months & will put this face online, my aim's a bit of a photogenic boost.
One online guy in a chatroom said when he saw my photo: "you're really, really beautiful."
I HAVE been called beautiful before  :-) but never "really, really" - superlatives! So, maybe this sub is already working! http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-437-camera-lover/?showprivate=1

I'm not going to do the assertiveness one loads either cos as it is I can be very chatty at times, but I love the affirmations about increased social confidence and expressing my opinion etc.  Not JUST for in my love life though definitely in that, I desire to increase my assertiveness.  I loved the boundaries one I did before - I listened daily for about a month and I DID feel more confident to set boundaries in future.  Great for dating and relationships too but also work and other areas!  Assertiveness link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-271-assertiveness/?showprivate=1

(It's about being assertive socially.)

Boundaries link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-221-strong-boundaries/?showprivate=1

I feel like it helps me feel more confident about for e.g. telling a guy if I'm on a date that I want to take things slow, but I'm STILL not sure WHAT'S a good answer if a guy matches with me and asks to hook up straight away, I do say no but I still feel awkward just thinking about that cos it feels like I'm rejecting him and I don't like to reject others.  But I do it when I have to.  


WOW I LOVE this one!  
I vaguely remember listening before for a bit and not seeing noticeable changes but I listened last night & it helped me feel more calm and positive about the future & it covers multiple areas.  http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-492-dream-life/?showprivate=1

PATIENCE & FORGIVENESS AND MONEY:  are two areas I might tackle soon as while I am patient with people, I'm sometimes very IMpatient with life and if things don't seem to manifest "fast enough".  So, I could benefit from this!  And or one on gratitude.  Plus I want to find some really good ones for money, I've been having money drama this year though it might be starting to get resolved.
And I need to forgive some people so I can truly have a fresh start.


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I think the camera lover one might be kicking in!  I got told "You're an 8" and also I'M seeing the photo of me as more attractive than before now too. 

I also had a guy who saw it say "I want to be your boyfriend!" 


I'm moving on to some new ones and there's a few:  Comfort Zone, Forgiveness and Dream Life.  


I had been scared to date again.  And I think, yes, getting out there it's a comfort zone thing for me.  I WANT to get out there but there is that vulnerability that potential to get hurt.  But there's also the potential to have a lovely time and meet cool people and even meet someone amazing. So I used the Comfort Zone one starting yesterday and I also had a job for the day that felt out of my comfort zone.  Anyway I felt some relief from using the sub on BOTH those things and will continue to use it. http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-485-comfort-zone/?showprivate=1


Dream Life just feels so good to use and covers multiple areas.  http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-492-dream-life/?showprivate=1


Forgiveness is something I've resisted.  The last guy in my life, frankly does NOT deserve forgiveness. But I'm as the cliche says not doing this for HIM, I'm doing this for me.  So that I have a fresh energy when I do get back out there, not the walking wounded!  http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-544-forgiveness/?showprivate=1


I also want to find a good money one, and I love Skye's reply to my comment, I like the idea of doing that faith and believing one again and or the resistance one to also help.  


By the way, I fully plan to use the Conversational Hypnosis and Interpersonal Resonance programs when I get back out there.  I HAVE used a bit of the convo hypno in emails to a couple of people  and had some effects.  But anyway, all that's for another day, watch this space :-) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you!


I've just done about a week of the forgiveness one and not sure if I should continue cos I seem to find if I forgive my ex too much i start to want him back and that would NOT be good!


But I think some of the bitterness that I've been feeling IS going.  I also found myself saying yesterday "I bless you with love, forgive you, set you free/

To love who you want, even if it isn't me."  and that helped too plus this visualization of imagining the "psychic chord" between us being very gently taken away.


Like I said, forgiveness is something in some cases - esp. this one - that's REALLY hard for me but I want to go back into dating without dragging any bad energy from the past with me.  




A sub I really want to do is the one on self-discipline.  In various areas of my life I could REALLY do with more of THAT.  So I started today, actually about two days ago.  Well I'm tidying my room a little more which is something I HATE to do normally.  But I have a good (for me!) system: everytime (when I remember!) I go OUT of the room I tidy 4 things out of the room like recycle 4 things and when I go INTO my room, I tidy 4 things e.g. put away 4 items of clothes.  


But just in general, in a few areas of life, self-discipline is something I really REALLY need to cultivate more of in my life. 

Here's the link: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-18-self-discipline/?showprivate=1

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I broke my self-imposed man-break 18 days earlier than the year i set, although it's been a year yesterday since I did anything with a guy, other than chat and flirt online!


Well, I didn't expect to happen what happened.  Last time, it took at least a whole week to get one match and it may have taken a few weeks to get my first date.  I guess I thought it would be the same.  And I'm shocked that I got 10 or 11 matches already and I've had about 4 messages.  I'm not saying this to brag but to bring me to the issue at hand....


Like I said, I took a year off men and it's been amazingly helpful.  I've chatted to guys a lot and asked questions and done a lot of reflection and some subs on me but I didn't realize how strong the FEAR to get back out there actually is for me.


I haven't replied to any of the guys and I was scared to turn my phone on today!  And I need to blast through this fear I didn't realize that i had.


Yes, I DO get nervous when I have a date, like REALLY nervous but I always have a great time.  Even if one or both of us is not attracted nearly every date I had before was fun and I enjoyed myself and I'd make the guy laugh too.  And I've had all these fears about not being pretty enough and so on. 


But this is different.  I'm scared of getting hurt again.  I got SO hurt by the last guy. I know how I contributed to that and I know what I want to do and WILL do differently next time but part of me is like, hang on, let's just stay where it feels "safe."

If I don't reply to messages, I can't date and I can't be vulnerable again and risk getting hurt, you know?


But man - and with the help of these subliminals - I'm gonna kick fear's ASS!

i'm gonna start with this: http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-484-trust-men/?showprivate=1

(Trust men.  I NEEDED to step back and work on boundaries but I also have to be brave enough to let men in too, it's a balancing act.)


What if all that stuff I said to myself about I'm not pretty enough and I'm not young enough was also just a smoke screen for my wariness to even TRY to get out there again?!! 


Anyway, I am gonna kick fear's ASS.  I'm gonna find some good subs to help too, and I have the fearless program, might try that.


before I go on dates again (which might be sooner than I thought, or it might not, they might only chat or they might try and just get a hook up I don't even KNOW yet!) I'm also gonna try and at least READ through the conversational hypnosis and Interpersonal resonance.


I think I'll start with the rapport tips in the IR program, use that on my dates & see how it goes xx

But first, I need to blast the hell out of these fears to even reply to a guy.  It's been so EASY, before like in the chatroom, I could say, sorry I'm on a man break.  And chat and flirt but I had a great way of turning down dates.  Though I wasn't attracted to those guys anyway.  Yes it's been a valuable time out, but also it's been an excuse.  Time to turn this mother out...one step at a time! 


I'm also still on the look out for a good money sub, I might try the faith and belief one Skye recommended.  

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  • 1 month later...

I've decided to rotate the programs, I have quite a few of them and HAVE worked with them before or some of them, but not for longer than a month.  For various reasons, I've decided to go with 2 months of Fearless.

I'm gonna do each program for 2 months.  That's the plan at this stage anyway.


I actually sort of asked a guy on a date today LOL!


He's a match on my dating thing & I felt like he was hinting?  But i guess really it doesn't matter WHAT he says because I'm kinda proud of myself I actually did it.  I think I've done it a couple of times before - never gone well except I DID sort of get 2 dates from a guy on a train once who I gave my number to!  I think the two others were exes, one said no, the other said yes! but we didn't finalize.  Anyway, even though it's "taboo" I did it today.


But I needed a WHOLE lot of "Fearless" first and also chatting to guys in a chatroom asking if it's offputting to ask him.


I listened to the mp3 on Social Confidence all the way through and I have listened to half of the Embrace the Unknown one and I will listen to the other half.

And i'm reading through the main pdf.


Now, as i said in reply to another post, I also went to this "speed friends" event yesterday.


Bottom line is, I have 15 people's contact info and they have mine.

So far, not one has contacted me so I have to decide to wait or initiate.


Usually I DON'T initiate.  


It's EXTREMELY rare for me to.


But this time I actually might do it.


They are mostly so far pretty cool.  Except for one women who I DEFINITELY DON'T want to be friends with heh heh!  So that leaves 11 women and 3 guys that I WOULD like to.  SO i either wait, or I psyche myself up a bit more and I send out emails.  Hmmm.


I don't even know where I will be working from September.  So far I have a job until December but I am looking at another one too! 

But see, there's uncertainty there, though I've had a few years of temping and so on and mostly by choice until recently it got too financially hard to do that.  But you see, there is a lot going on, and financial stuff and I just think, well, Fearless is the sub I want to be marinating? in right now and for the next two months.



I'm NOT socially confident with hot guys, even though I've dated them before and even used to be married to one.

Even just in general my social confidence could do with a bit of a boost, though I am friendly.



But to be honest, before I started to re-listen to Fearless today, I felt like, I'm SO AFRAID to get back out there, even though I really really want to (and yes I DID have that one date) I'm afraid of getting hurt, still a bit afraid of being rejected when guys from online meet me in person   Anyway after a listen and read, I had the guts to ask that guy if he doesnt' have plans next week is he up for a coffee or drink with me.  I asked very clumsily but at least I asked.  


I've also asked the 3 guys who wanted to text me (also guys from the dating app) if they use OTHER apps apart from whatsapp (I hate whatsapp!) 

Before I was scared to text them in any form (we already message anyway on the dating app!)  And it's POSSIBLE though I doubt he liked me back anyway, that I missed out on that hot, sweet guy that used to be at my former job cos I was too shy to talk to him more.   Since all this drama that happened with the last guy in my life, I have been a bit shell-shocked, and like I said I took a whole year off men, no dating, no sex, no kissing, no texting, no calls.  Online chat yes but nothing else.  It was GOOD and I worked on me a bit but I am SO RUSTY!  


But like I said, it's not just in my love life that I need a fearlessness boost plus I have some upcoming challenges at work that kinda scare me. 

Time for a confidence booster, time to start to gradually obliterate the shyness and being afraid.  In baby steps if need be.  


Let's see what happens next, watch this space.




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Over a month since my last post?  :blink:

Definitely time for an update.


I haven't used the worksheet a lot but I have a bit.  I will do more with that later.  But I've listened to the subs.


I think overall it's been helpful as like I said I've had money challenges, work challenges AND lack of dating confidence!

So it seemed timely to use the Fearless program.


So anyway, I AM a bit less shy about texting though my crush seems to have gone AWOL so I just give up!  aargh! However, I've gotten guts enough to even go back on Plenty of Fish and hide my profile and INITIATE things, as in me messaging guys first.  Shock horror!  From a woman! Despite all the dating advice saying not to do it!  Imagine that!  :rolleyes:

Jerry's post is so stuck in my head about focus on the actions? rather than the outcome?

I was aiming for 10 guys a day - for me to message them first, I mean!  But sometimes I look at pof and don't fancy ANY of them.  Other times I've messaged up to 5 guys a day.  And I'm not as bugged as I thought I would be about the lack of response.  I have had about 4 guys respond out of about 15? I think?   Two initially wanted to meet for coffee, one responded but hasn't taken it further and the 4th aargh is married! NO!

So I have been like thanks but no thanks!

(You know Meatloaf's song "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that!" Being involved with a married guy or cheating when married is one of my few "thats.")


Work-wise, my colleague said it has been her most stressful year EVER in this career.  And it HAS been one challenge after another and I think fearless has helped me take it in my stride a lot more.  I had a bit of a melt-down - in private mostly!  Friday before last but it was short, I calmed myself down & things improved.  


Money-wise I think it's helped me not stress about the whole money-work thing.  I am a bit, but it's not keeping me up at night, sort of thing.  Like it was at times, even though there's still a lot of uncertainty.  Things are in the pipeline though. 


So, yeah, it's been helpful, definitely just in coping, you know?


I still have that big fear of being alone though.  I don't currently have a boyfriend or even galpals to hang with.  I DID have friends, guys and gals a while ago but everyone got too busy with work - and I did too - and I lost them.  Sometimes I still have a fear about that, that I'll never find another boyfriend EVER that it's too late for me and even wonder if I will get galpals again to hang out with.  I DO have acquaintances though, like if I go to meetups.  Since I went back to online dating after my year off men, (I went back to it on April 8th, I have on average had several sex offers a week - no I haven't taken any of them up on it so far!  Mostly cos it has been drilled into me that if i have sex too soon, I will NEVER get a relationship from him EVER and what if that is true??  and a date a month.  Plus an ex lover is single again and wants us to start seeing each other again.  So far I haven't seen him.  But that's all, nothing more substantial.  Which, like, if I had friends I think it would be easier for me to handle being single and looking for a relationship??


So that fear of being alone and lonely is still there but overall the fearless program has been a great balancer.  


But even though I said I'd do two months a program, I have been debating whether to switch to using the charisma program then later on the framing program.  I really want to make friends.  And I've been wondering if the charisma program might help a bit.  I mean, do it for a bit, go out to meetup things again and see if there are changes in how people relate to me or even just how I feel?


I had a horrible experience at a speed friends meetup and I feel like at the moment in general my charisma is very very low.  So I think that is the next program I want to explore - the charisma one. 


I DID notice that after I used it just once, after I went to an event, some people wanted to hang out afterwards.  

And I think - God-knows if I am ever gonna have another boyfriend - sob!  But if I had a great social life or even just ONE BFF, I wouldn't feel so lonely, you know?


And I wonder if the charisma program, which I already have anyway, might help.


So that's my update on how I have found the fearless program and what direction I now want to move in!


I know i said two months on each but I am itching to try the charisma one to dive in a whole lot more, use it for a whole month and see!


So, in summary, Fearless has been helpful to me this time around with calming me down around work, money stress and dating confidence!  I'm also more confident on dates now too, though I've only had 3 since my man-break and part of that is getting back into it all after a year off!  Gonna do more with the worksheets though.  I used to love writing and my mentors - yes I include George Hutton in this!! - encourage it and I find it a very powerful tool, plus it is visual AND kinaesthetic.  But sometimes at work I have had to do writing quite a bit and plus I am a fast typist but slow handwriter!  But I totally agree, writing processes and journals can be IMHO very helpful and I am going to do those worksheets more.  It will be interesting to see what I discover!


As I did the Fearless subs a while ago - and found it helpful then too! - for a month, I'm gonna count this as a 2nd month & go for the charisma one, let's see what happens!

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CHARISMA PROGRAM SO FAR UPDATE:  OK So it looks like it's been about 13 days, so nearly two weeks? of using the Charisma program.

Well, I've noticed a couple of little things that may or may not be connected and this is what they are:


When I went to a takeaway I go to on occasion, the man seemed extra pleased to see me and I think he even said "It's so good to see you again!" or something like that!

My assistance being a little bit nicer to me, not oodles but here and there the odd smile.


Two of the boys in my class are very fond of me anyway, but on Thursday when there was this fitness game thing, they were following me around like two little magnets and wanting to hold my hand etc. and big smiles.  More than usual.  


So that's what's happened so far.


Really really tired a lot from work, too much to get back out there socially on weekends at the moment, but when it's the summer holidays I'll get back out there again and socialize.  Like I said, my last attempt to make friends was an epic disaster and that's also put me off wanting to even try.  But it will be interesting to see whether there are any changes between last time and after listening to the subs on the charisma program for a while! 

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CHARISMA PROGRAM ANOTHER UPDATE:  Hello again.  I'm not spending ages on the Charisma program, but on the other hand I HAVE been using it pretty much daily, even if not for very long periods of time.  Yesterday when I went into a cyber cafe I haven't been to for a while, the guy was extra friendly, giving me my computer time free and £2 off my earbuds I bought. (I got a memory stick too, I needed to.)  And he said "I haven't seen you for such a long time!" I used to think he was quite cute so it was nice to have the VIP treatment again, but also of COURSE, that's a wonderful thing to have in ANY shop or service!  


Chinese shop guy has continued to be extra friendly and also one of my female neighbours waved and said a happy "Hi!" to me.  She used to be like that, hasn't for a while and another neighbour who once evil-eyed me even waved to me too.


At one stage a couple more people chatted to me at work on two days, though I also could tell a third was teasing me to another one behind my back.  Maybe about my body language...I don't KNOW what about!  But I knew she was doing it and I felt annoyed.  Esp. not knowing the reason, what about me. I'm very good at picking up on things like that, and on reading body language too, though sometimes I mis-read but it's also a pain cos I can know if people DON'T like me or if they are trying to talk about me. 


Anyway, it's awesome about the shop  guys and the neighbours and I will use this program for a bit longer as I am meeting up with a few people hopefully on my summer holiday.  No potential galpals unfortunately.  I might also be brave and go back to meetup again, any meetup group, and see if I notice any differences socially between before when nobody wanted to keep in touch and after using the Charisma program.  I think my assistant has also been slightly nicer on occasion too, actually. 

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I was thinking mmm I haven't really been focusing on a program etc. then remembered yes I HAVE - covert hypnosis.  I have the book and both programs George (or ha ha I LOVE that name "The Wizard" !) has on this and I've been trying to get the patterns into my mind more.  After I originally read it, I DID write down some examples I could use for two areas I want.  I've used some of the patterns to get a little bit of money actually.  i mean, not tons of money or a steady income stream but enough to buy some things I wanted a few times and honestly, the money has been much more than the cost of the books and programs.  So it's not only paid for itself, it's superseded that.  And I think what helps is to also keep a note of what patterns you have used and how effective they seem to have been?


I typed the patterns and my examples out more recently and I'm going to write them out again soon, while I have this extra time.  I want to get more familiar with them.  I want it to get more and more natural to me.


And - this might sound like overkill! - I want to find my mike & record me saying the examples.  


So these I think will help with learning the patterns better but obviously the best thing is to use them.  I HAVE used them but I want to use them more and I just need to go for it, you know? and keep up the practice there.  They may not work every time - or they might! - but I just want to at least experiment with them in new and different ways. I HAVE used the knowledge, but to be honest, I haven't gone and used them a lot.  So I want to increase that. Part of me is like, but what if I try them to get something i really REALLY want and it DOESN'T work? But (a) I won't know until I try and ( B) I think the more I practice the patterns and use them, the better I will get.



I wasn't sure what program I wanted to work with next - ha! I really SHOULD be on the affiliate thing, eh? as I have most of the programs! 

Well, maybe at some stage.  I don't know a lot of people though.  ANYWAY

enough about that I want to write about IA!


Recently, I've found someone who MIGHT be a mentor in terms of some knowledge I used to have but forgot about and frankly abandoned it, getting frustrated at the time - several years ago! - and who is also encouraging me to build on my knowledge and learn new-to-me stuff.


I also recently found a memory stick with some knowledge that was lost to me for maybe five years!


But, of course, this involves learning, right?

Some things are coming back to me as I chat with him, but THIS time I want them to STAY more prominently in my memory and also I will be learning things that while on those subjects, are new knowledge for me.  


I also am starting a new job.  Same field and all but with any new job, there's always things to learn. 


Creativity-wise, I've started journaling more, just while i'm on this break from work and also have a little blog elsewhere nothing flash and it's mostly for myself actually.  But I want my writing to really FLOW.  To sound great.  So I'd like to increase my creativity there, even if just for my own sake.  And to feel more inspired TO write.


So, I might start re-doing the IA program soon, which works with both Memory and Creativity. 

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I haven't read your entire journal yet, but couple thoughts. 


- I could really use motivation doing my IA work. I think seeing you do it would kickstart that. ARGH.

- You seem to place a little too much importance on book reviews. These days, the authors themselves pay for people to post 5 star reviews, Haha. 

- Charisma is so easy, but at the same time so difficult. It requires consistent action to be charismatic. Smile, inquire, be friendly, congruent actions, etc. Obv. theres the Abraham Lincoln type charisma, which is more my thing, where you just sort of sit there and people are drawn to my energy (as this requires very little work). 

- Did you make friends that lasted?

- Did you attain the goal you set w/each hypnosis? Or doing it just for experiences?

- I have never felt more free than I did with fearless. Thing is, I want to naturally get to that state, because the moment I took it off, it started disappearing. 

- Going off my last point, do you think you've had permanent changes within you, without having to listen to hypnosis?

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I haven't read your entire journal yet, but couple thoughts.   


That's OK, it's still real cool that you've read this part.  And added your thoughts. 


- I could really use motivation doing my IA work. I think seeing you do it would kickstart that. ARGH.


There's extra motivation then for me to get to it. :-)  We can maybe motivate each other there.  Very cool. 


- You seem to place a little too much importance on book reviews. These days, the authors themselves pay for people to post 5 star reviews, Haha. 


A valid point.  And just because other people say a book is great or not doesn't mean I'll have the same experience.  But sometimes it's helpful. 


- Charisma is so easy, but at the same time so difficult. It requires consistent action to be charismatic. Smile, inquire, be friendly, congruent actions,



And re-reading this my impression is - especially as I DO smile, inquire and am very friendly - it's the lack of congruence letting me down.  Sometimes I feel a lack of confidence for example and maybe that shows despite my friendly nature.  And comes across as incongruence? I can see how that could happen. I've also had problems trusting people more recently due to some things that happened and it's possible that THAT'S come across too somehow. 


Obv. there's the Abraham Lincoln type charisma, which is more my thing, where you just sort of sit there and people are drawn to my energy (as this requires very little work). 


Really really REALLY LOVE the sound of that LOVE it.  Want it. I HAVE had some of that in the past from some people.  While ago, people would just ask me to hang out with them, and on odd occasion guys would approach me and ask me out.  So I've had that kind of charisma too but not for a long time.  I'd love to have it again!  And "requires very little work" now I'm REALLY interested!


- Did you make friends that lasted?


Not for a while.  I ran my own meetup group and had 10 really good friends and some would ask me to go out places with them one-to-one too (as friends) and I did.  But I disbanded that, everyone was busy, and it's been ages now.  More recently, I started to make friends with this cool lady but then the place I'd run into her stopped doing the events.  Waay back when I HAVE had friendships that lasted for years but I don't have any friends from childhood.  Which I don't necessarily see as a negative, we all change SO much since then.  But I'd love to have galpals I can go out with and I miss having that.  


- Did you attain the goal you set w/each hypnosis? Or doing it just for experiences?


I mean, to some extent.  Part of it was to experiment, yes, to see what works for me and what doesn't.  But in some cases I did them until I felt like ok time to move on now and that I was pleased with the results.  And in some cases I thought, hmm good tool for later.  Couple of things haven't seemed to work much for me but it doesn't mean they don't work at all!  And other things worked quite well.


- I have never felt more free than I did with fearless. Thing is, I want to naturally get to that state, because the moment I took it off, it started disappearing. 


I like that program!  Did you do the writing part? I haven't done a lot with that part of it and I think it might benefit me.  I found the subs good. 


- Going off my last point, do you think you've had permanent changes within you, without having to listen to hypnosis?


Yes and no.  Definitely had growth and definitely recommend the hypnosis.  Having said that, sometimes it's more a matter of, I've used the hypnosis to get some results, that state and now that I've achieved that, I KNOW that I can use that to achieve that or similar again. (Does that make sense?)  Furthermore, usually I just listen for a month and maybe listening for longer would have longer lasting results?  But usually during that month, I see things that to me show me the hypnosis/subs/programs whatever things I am using at the time IS ARE working for me.  And I agree with what George says about journalling.  I just use Penzu and i'm getting better at using it to privately journal any results I see with anything, even minor changes at the beginning.  And on here too, at the end. 

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What IA exercises are your favorite? I need to do more of the imagery one. 


I think it's more the approach to life, as I have thought of it. There is an approach to life that is passive, an approach that is aggressive, an approach that is aggressive some parts and passive in others. A firm approach, playful approach, friendly approach, etc. There's no one answer that works for everything, and they're mostly habits built over time. I think the toughest part is finding a style that A) fits in perfectly with YOU and B ) works to get what it is you're looking for. 


The Abe Lincoln approach works best for any sort of group setting/presentations. It's easy to draw people in to what you're saying, but not so much in CHAOS, such as a bar setting or dance or club, etc. where you have to be high energy and bouncing around. Again, like I said, it's context dependent. No one way for everything. 


Yeah, I haven't made many that stayed around either. They all scattered. What happens is when you get together with a personal dev. group you have so many possibilities, but people don't persist on the journey. Maybe they don't believe in themselves? I am not certain what the precise issue is, but most people just choose to scatter, abandon, and let the reality of life get in the way.


I think initially what happened is I thought I would be this completely different guy two years later ( I am pretty sure it's been 2 years since I began this journey), but outside of maybe added confidence and life lessons, I really am not. I am starting to think maybe I didn't make things more conducive to lasting growth. What I find interesting is I don't want to retire at 30 anymore. I think in the beginning everyone's dream is freedom, or acting, until you realize that may not actually fulfill you! So you're left with uhhh- then what does? The journey can be one heck of a confusing road once you have all these possibilities open up in front of you, and you realize you don't actually know yourself as well as you once thought you did. 

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Though on the friends matter, I gotta say it's pretty incredible to watch you and Jerry still here after... been what? 1 year + ? That indicates to me that you've set yourself apart from the crowd, just in terms of how dedicated you're to improving your life. There were many who came and went through these forums, but you two are stickin' it out through all of life's challenges. 


Also, we should get some sort of competition going with the IA (friendly). 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ha  ha I just read some of the replies now and how funny, Light, that I messaged you, today I think, asking what IA exercises YOU find most beneficial.  Great minds and all that.  


I love the program but I haven't used it much yet.  I will though.  As I said to you, more or less,  I've got these products and I want to really make the most of them.  It will take time to dive in deep to ALL of them, but I think it's worth it! 


And - bit of a plug for George's programs here in a way ha ha, I have asked about the Luck program AND the IA program and the two people I have asked about those two different programs BOTH seem to really like the programs and find them beneficial!! And basically recommend them!


"Though on the friends matter, I gotta say it's pretty incredible to watch you and Jerry still here after... been what? 1 year + ? That indicates to me that you've set yourself apart from the crowd, just in terms of how dedicated you're to improving your life. There were many who came and went through these forums, but you two are stickin' it out through all of life's challenges"


I actually burst into tears reading that.  That means a lot to me, Light, thank you!


And also Jerry, thanks again, you're always so supportive to me.


It inspires me a lot to read the success stories, people's journals and so on and I just love it. 

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I haven't done a lot of socializing, apart from going to one meet up group for a (ha ha this might sound a bit geeky but it's making a come-back in my city and can be fun) board-games night & the people were friendly enough so that was nice.


Love & sex life have been appalling, not from any program or anything, but I'm going to put all that completely on ice for a bit, I guess the only sort of good thing is I've had 4 first dates in 4 months and 3 of them I was very attracted to, I don't know if one of them was attracted to me, it was quite a confusing date and the one I wasn't attracted to, even though I wanted to friend-zone him and he wanted to sex-zone me, we still had an enjoyable date. And someone said to me, 4 dates in 4 months? You're just spoiled!  But in some ways it's turned to crap but that's OK, I have ideas about why MAYBE and also what things from here might help. 


I have briefly looked at the IR program and I think my inner game so to speak is - well, it needs a LOT of work.  I've noticed heh heh heh, ok like I said, when I was on one of my dates, the guy rubbed his eye and through my mind I did think a lot oh no, he's rubbing his eye again, I've read that's see-no-evil, he thinks I'm really ugly!  But also, he told me in advance he was hungover!  My point is - although he said my photos were stunning (before meeting) I guess it's possible that sure maybe he did think I was ugly even though he also did other things like flirt in a way and for 95% of the time he didn't take his eyes OFF my face and he had a big smile.  But it's also - I mean, there could be LOTS of things, right? But it's possible he COULD have picked up some kind of negative vibe from me due to those thoughts or it could have "seeped out" in MY body language.  But compare THAT, my inner game (or lack thereof) THERE compared to, ha ha this is so cheesy but I went to the shop and there's a guy there who's a bit cute and for fun I thought in my mind "Yeah YOU KNOW I'm sexy, bitch!" in a playful way and then the song, I'm sexy and I know it played in my mind! and I found myself raising my eyebrows at him and having a flirty look on my face without meaning to it's like it just happened in response to what I was telling myself.  And yes, he DID make slightly prolonged - compared to him normally - eye contact with me a couple of times that time too.  Kinda like locked eyes with my briefly.  Or maybe my face just looked really munted doing that, I don't know ha ha.  Either way, that was fun! 


I'm going to put the last bit in a separate reply so it's easier to read. 

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OK so, wow there's so many programs and subs and things I want to explore, really! 

Kid in a candy shop here.


But I think I'm going to go for the Luck Activator subliminal because I feel like, my synchronicity has been really out lately.  And I want to see if I can improve my luck and just start to think of myself again as being a lucky person.  I think luck or whatever you  want to call it, I think a lot of things "snowball."  They start off small and gradually grow bigger.  


And I think that, if I have this mindset of yes, things DO work out for me, it's going to be a great foundation for other programs.  (Hey, honestly? Any of these programs are a great foundation for other programs, they all rock from what I've seen so far.)


I know what programs I want to work through next, and yes, IA will be on that list, but i'm going to start with the luck activator.


I may have done it briefly, but to be COMPLETELY honest with you...after I had a job for a few years in which I had to write a lot, I feel resistance to any sort of writing processes BUT BUT BUT when I DO them, I find they can be VERY VERY helpful to me.  So, already I wrote something based on "The Miracle Question" (No, not explaining that, it's in the program ;-) ) and the Luck Journal I wrote briefly today.  So, what I'm trying to say is, as well as doing the subs - and I might even do the synchronicity part of the luck program for a whole month then the other subs - I'm going be (in general, not just with Luck Activator) I'm going to do any writing/journalling processes on a more regular basis.  Heck, I can even type them if I want, and I already use Penzu.  Sometimes I start them, do them once or twice then stop and this time - and I'm saying this here so I'm more likely to stick with this - I'm going to be more consistent with doing them and see what happens there. 


So LUCK ACTIVATOR is the product I'm exploring next! 

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One little but definitely fun thing that happened is when I went out last night - well, firstly I guess WHERE I decided to go, I nearly went to a meetup where and ex boyfriend was but then it said the venue would be noisy, not conducive to chat and I thought nope.  Looked and found a karaoke night & decided to go.  Well, that venue is cool anyway, haven't been for about two years but last night a woman brought two head masks? one of a unicorn and one of a horse and she a couple of other people wore them and danced!  And somehow at one stage two tambourines appeared and people played them so that was fun!  And a luck and maybe charisma thing? is I had sat at an empty table but straight after my song, two guys were sitting at my table and they made conversation and we got chatting and had a laugh.  Lots of laughs.  So that was fun and I guess luck and synchronicity COULD come into that - being at the right place at the right time for you know the masks to be there, the tambourines and extra friendly people.  My nights out can be fun but not often THAT cool! And I just had a really fun night out.  Is there a link to the luck activator? Perhaps!


Anyway, no i didn't do it last night after all that I didn't get to sleep till about 3 (you know how it is when you go out and you can't sleep for ages after you get back?) though I did it the night before and I did the writing things and I'm going to do it today/tonight and be consistent with it as I can.  


By the way, I LOVE how my journal now has the "HOT" button next to it.  A lot of it is MY replies ha ha but it just feels cool to see that it really does heh heh. 

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I've heard it said that repeating numbers can be a sign of synchronicity and yesterday when I went to hire a bike in the park, my bike code read 22223.

So i thought that was kinda cool and wanted to share. ;-)  Seeing as that is the subliminal I'm using at the moment from the Luck Activator program.   Not gonna post every little update, though I am writing down more for myself, but I thought that was kinda cool and wanted to share that.  

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