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What about memories of a past life time?


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Guest Beverly

There's a very famous ghost story of two little girls who lived in the 1940's who tragically died in an auto wreck.  The sisters were ages 7 and 9 years old.  About 18 months later, their mother gave birth to twin daughters, both of which had eerily similar markings on their body, such as birthmarks that resembled ones that had been on the two deceased sisters. 


The little girls began asking for dolls that had belonged to the two dead sisters, even without having been told of these dolls and they began playing games the sisters had loved so much.  These girls started exhibiting this behavior around age two years old.


Some believe they were the present reincarnation of the two girls departed souls as they were reliving many events from the dead girls past life.  Is it really possible this could be true or just wishful thinking on the part of the family?  With so many years since this event and no records other than personal account to back it up, who can really say.  Though some swear they are living a second or third life and recall events that could not have happened during their current life.

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