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What are some good affirmations to overcome fear of  and destroy demons?  I'm currently being bothered by this entity in my dream and i think it's because of my subconcious fear that I can't overcome it. There are a few for demon removals but what about overcoming fear of them or destroying them on your own?

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Lol demons and demonic forces normaly enter through your shadow body. The more of a shadow body you have , the easier it is dor them to excess you. I do that a cure for this is practicing heart meditations. Well thier is a few practices i do know.

1. Is golden energy meditation. You can google a free meditation for that by searching it on Google.

2.practicing projecting white light around your body.

3. Color coding meditations.

4. http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/shop/clearing-treatments/remove-the-negative-form-detail

5. Practicing on a daily routine of clearing yourself through epson salt . their is guided meditations for that by searching is google.


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Another thing i have found interesting givin to the disclosure from M.I.L.A.B.S is that the demonic forces will implant certain triggers inside different parts of your brain such commands as:


You don't see us.

We don't exist.

You will have a heart attack if you remember _____.

You will be in a daze if you think about _____.

You will be consfused if you think about ___.

It's hopeless trying to resist us.

Give up and let us do this.

Do not interfere.

Your powerless.

You feel tired when think about resisting us.

Your useless.

Do not resist.

No body cares about you when you talk about us.

Join us.


Etc. Their could be hundreds of these embedded commands that we are not aware of..

The good news is that these hypnotic commands can be removed.

I am on the process of finding every commands and switching it to a healing commands.

It's fun because finding these hidden commands requires us to delve into the dark side and seeing through our minds eye of what thier true agenda is. They do reside on the 4th and 5th dimension. But we truly exist on a higher level lol

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Demons are unitegrated aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed and cast away now looking to return to their home. Their different from archons and parasites who are not apart of us but exploit our weakness and past life issues and traumas that we haven't dealt with yet. If you have cleared all of those then they will have nothing to anchor in on you with. You might want to do Bioenergetics therapy to release stuck emotions along with Rolfing because that's where most of our karmic debt cones from.

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