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Visualize what led to failure


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It is very common to visualize success in personal dev. circles, but visualizing the causes of failure? Not so much. 




Your days will fly by, and you will make progress, perhaps, but not as much as progress as you could have after doing this exercise.Life essentially comes down to habit, done day in and day out. What habits are holding you back?


Sit down, breathe deeply, focus on that question: What habits do I have now that can cause failure? Visualize yourself FAILING. YOU HAVE FAILED. YOU DID NOT MAKE IT. Why? Why did this happen? 


When you do so, your subconscious will automatically present you with visuals, imagery, of everything that you need to change about yourself in order to lead you towards surefire success. This is a very helpful exercise. Even if you are aware of the things that are holding you back at present, chances are... you haven't made the changes. Over time, this can lead to disaster. Once you know what's holding you back, eliminate all that you can... and if they have got to stay, be well aware of your own weaknesses, and adjust your goals accordingly. - Light

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Wow, I must say this idea is certainly going against what I have been taught in doing positive affirmations in that You NEVER focus on what you DON'T want, because you will get more of it- LOA (law of attraction).  But after reading your explanation as to why this works I decided to give it a try in regards to why I can't KEEP weight off as well as why I am in my current financial situation.  Some of the answers that I got were 1. not taking responsibility for my own failure, 2. blaming other people and things instead, 2. procrastination due to fear, 3.  lack of self-discipline, and 4.  lack of focus (mindless wondering instead).   This has proved very helpful because I now know what specific issues to tap on to remove these unhealthy "bad" habits.

Thanks again.

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With all due respect for the LoA community - and I found "the secret" about 3 years ago, it's not grounded enough in reality - what I mean is there's a subjective reality and an objective. The objective reality are facts about the world we live and operate in right now. The Secret will talk about the end results, but not the practical toil that got them there. Will Smith will readily talk about the LoA, but on the flip side he will also talk about his INSANE work ethic. This is why I am advocating this method - positive thinking that is not grounded in reality will almost certainly lead to a disaster. 

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I ADORE Will Smith!


While I on one hand agree with some of your points, Light, I really do.  About the work, about looking at what caused you to fail and how you can change that - and I DO do that in a lot of things and I completely see the value!!!


For people like me, it HAS to be balanced with finding things to be hopeful about too and patting myself on the back or I get in such a low spiral emotionally I feel like not even trying.


But I certainly get what you are saying or I think I do.  And it reminds me of this Tony Robbins thing I read ages ago about like a torpedo going the wrong way so you try to correct it but then it over-corrects itself so you try again etc. until you get it right.


"grounded in reality" yes and no.

Yes in the sense that even The Secret itself says action may sometimes be required and I guess in many cases it IS.  But not to see negative thoughts or crappy past circumstances and limitations as "reality" and let that limit us.  Which you are NOT doing in this post, I just mean, reality as in, reality being you quite probably will have to take a LOT of action and go through a LOT of failures to make it.


And that's OK.

(Gosh I need to remind MYSELF that it's ok!!!)


And I LOVE the NLP I think it's called an NLP pre-supposition? 

"There is no failure only feedback."

(Ha ha that reminds me of in Ghostbusters - the original - "There is no Dana, only Zhoul."

Cultural reference some here might get.  Or not.


Stimulating topic, Light!

Definitely food for thought!

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