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I am a successful boot camp entrepreneur
I easily make 15,000 a month in income from my boot camp
I always attract hundreds of paying women to my boot camps
I easily turn my ideas and insights into money making revenue
I consistently sell 500 a day in fitness revenue
my fitness boot camp makes me several streams of income
I am now attracting eager and enthusiastic women who want to lose weight to my boot camp
Every time I press send to an email blast, I make several thousands of dollars
My fitness products and services are naturally profitable
I easily create products and services that women want

I easily attract 20 women in my fitness classes each day of the week
Women happily pay me for my products and services
Women are eager to purchase my services

Women talk about and post how amazing their workout was on facebook all the time

My clients can't wait to give me before and after testimonials of their progress
I naturally get my clients fast weight loss results
I'm always on the lookout for new fitness marketing ideas
I am always on the lookout for untapped markets
I easily attract untapped markets
I naturally leverage untapped markets
I easily build a successful fitness businesses
I make $500 a day from the touch of a button
I easily and naturally make profitable businesses from home
Clients are happy and excited to refer their friends and family to my boot camps

I easily stay focused and motivated on making $450,000 by 2019
I am well known and respected local fitness expert and celebrity
I am a resilient entrepreneur
I make money in any economy
I have several income streams
Women trust me with their health

I have a high retention rate

I have a waiting list of women eager who want to pay for my boot camp
I understand what women want

I have systems and processes in place to handle a high demand of new clients

I can handle success

I can handle wealth

I can handle prosperity

I can handle hundreds of new clients

I can handle objections easily

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