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This was George's reply to one of my questions on visualization. This should answer your question. 


"1. Intention - think of it as a very, very strong choice. Not a wish or a hope. Kind of like when you feel hungry, and you decide to get up and get something from the fridge. That "feeling" just before you take action. That, "I'm going to do this" feeling. You can also mix it with a feeling of ownership. Like take some money out of your pocket, and look at it. Get that, "this is mine" feeling.


 2. Visualization - 


"When you create your image, make sure it's as detailed as possible. So if somebody else were looking at it, they'd know EXACTLY what was going on.


See yourself from both first and third person. With each one, get that "this is mine" feeling as well as that "I'm going to do this" feeling.


You can also play around with the swish pattern. See the picture, third person, off in the distance. Then think both the "this is mine" and "I'm going to do this" feeling, and bring the picture closer. Then when it "hits" you, let the full force of the emotional power flood your mind.


Then switch to first person, seeing it from your own eyes, and feel the feeling magnify a billion times.


There's really no right way or wrong way to do this, just keep playing around and see which "method" "feels" right for you.


The crucial ingredients are:


1) A specific picture


2) Strong emotions (that you would feel if the picture were true)


3) Your own personal "intention" feeling (ownership, choice, etc).


A way to TURBO charge the process is daily journaling. Every night, write down events (of any magnitude) that are evidence you are getting closer to your intention. Then ask yourself, what evidence you might see the next day that also prove you are getting closer, and write those down.


Another way is to ask yourself, "what evidence will I find that I'm becoming X (or whatever)" BEFORE going into any situation. This will fire up your natural sorting mechanism which will find evidence, which will further accelerate the process."

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