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Level Up Your Life - Book Recommendation


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Got a boring life? Want to figure it all out? Need a book to tell you about it?


Here it is! Level up your life!


This is what I'd call a personal development classic. I read this and was almost instantly rejuvenated. This book has outlined how a nerd gamer went from being addicted to a Computer Game to leading an awesome adventurous lifestyle. It's written by the founder of NerdFitness.com, and it's amazing. There isn't necessarily anything new offered in this book, but the way he has put together all personal development material in one book is brilliant. 


He used to be a gamer and he's written this book in that format. I.e. Life is a game, you're the Hero, and now we're taking over. I would recommend this to just about any guy on his lifestyle development journey. 


So 5 Stars from me. Great Work. One of this dude's goal is to make NerdFitness.com a 100 Million Dollar company, and I sincerely hope he makes it. 

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