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What ailments or conditions can EFT treat?


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It's not something I use heaps and heaps but I HAVE used EFT, I consider it another tool to my toolbox I can use to help myself and others.

At some stage, I would love to train in EFT properly, definitely!  I know the tapping points and so on too.......anyway, the very first time I used EFT on 

myself, this is what had happened:


I was in a meeting with some other colleagues I had then and my then boss.  I can't even remember what she said now (maybe I blanked it out!) but it made me feel very angry and I was writing notes so I was holding a pen.  I felt I couldn't express my anger at all but I clenched my pen really hard and later on I had cramp in my wrist from clenching it so hard!


So I had a physical problem with an emotional cause.

I tapped (did EFT) on all of that and it did help.

I have used it for other things and I have heel pain though I am trying various things on it and I might add EFT to the mix! 

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EFT is commonly used to treat anxiety, hyper states and anger/aggression as it allows the person to connect deeply with their inner person to achieve calm.  Since the EFT technique focuses on breathing and calming exercises, this would be right for any person who is easily agitated, whether in a home or work situation.

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