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Subliminals - With headphones only?

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If you're sleeping, you don't need headphones, as it will have the same effect. However, don't forget to set an intention, create a visualization and hold it in mind as you fall asleep. That will accelerate the process.


Hey George,


I was going to send you a PM but for some reason your inbox is full or can't accept any more PMs...


Anyway, I suggest you create a sticky post on how to use all your products. It obviously is quite confusing to many of the (new) members on how to consume the different kind of videos, how to effectively combine them into a playlist, how many to listen to in a day, how many different subjects to go about etc. Even going through all posts and finding a piece of wisdom here and there will not answer all those questions. So again, many of us would be grateful to have an answer to the following questions:


  1. What are the different types of videos? (mp3, mp4, 256v, subliminals)
  2. What is the real difference btwn the 5/7/10 mins (free) videos and the full length videos for the same subject?
  3. How and when do I best use them? (with eyes closed, visualizing, doing something else, sleeping, reading affirmations)
  4. How do I compose a playlist for a theme (i.e. seduction) with different types (see 1.) of videos?
  5. How many videos max should I put into a playlist?
  6. How many themes (seduction, money, intelligence) should I pursue max at the same time?
  7. How many hours min/max should I listen to the videos on a daily basis?

Thanks for addressing those points!


Best regards,


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Hey FirstHelix,

George is unavailable but I'll be glad to address these points.

Subliminals come at a length of 1 hour and that is the recommended usage length. Sample Subliminals are only samples unless you love them so much you plan on using these in the long run.

The products on the website contain 'subliminal themes'. If you're creative enough you can create your own custom theme(s).

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