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Hi George. :wub: Thank you for your work.


Can you put this in 256V ?

THX. :rolleyes:


Subliminals are extremely effective for you.

Your subconscious will make this subliminal your reality.

Your visualization skills are increasing every second.

You are a powerful master of visualization.

Your powerful imagination is infinite.

You can imagine entire world.

You have an extremely vivid imagination.

Your visualization abilities are extremely advanced.

You can easily visualize in perfect detail.

You have a super photographic memory.


You have an advanced visual memory.

Your spatial intelligence is increasing every second.

It is easy for you visualize complex imaginery.

You can easily hold any image of feeling in your mind for as long as you want.

Your focus and concentration is super strong.

You can remain focused on anything as long as you want.

You can dream while you are awake.

You can consciously dream anytime you want.

You can easily enter in your dreams while you are awake.

Your visualizations are always crystal - clear.


Your visualizations feel and looks extremely realistic.

You now perceive and explore your inner world.

You completely remember all of the details in a scene of image.

You are a creative genius.

Your daydream skills are growing stronger every second.

You can easily imagine any scene or image in clear and accurate detail.

You realistically visualize anything you want.

You have master control over your visualization.

Your subconscious ensures that your visualizations are extremely realistic.

You can enter the dream state while you are awake.





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