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Are you hypnotized right now?


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I was amazed to find out that many people go about their daily lives in a mild hypnosis, sometimes while driving or watching TV.  The mind slips into it's own groove, allowing the body to perform routine actions that it already knows by heart.  For some things like driving which require an alert mind, this can be dangerous, however for routine activities such as house cleaning, the mild hypnosis might allow you to free your body to perform work you don't like while letting the mind free roam.  What are some other instances, where you might experience a mild hypnosis daily and not realize you are hypnotized?

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Guest Beverly

Gymanasts and other sports athletes practice their sport to such perfection, performing the same actions repetitively so they are memorized in the brain and can be performed effortlessly without actually thinking about them.  This allows for greater range or motion and fluidity in movement.  All this is controlled by a section of the brain that dictates how we handle routines.  These routine movements are often replicated even in our regular lives, such as getting up every day to make coffee, reading the paper while sitting at the table and getting ready for work.  Chances are,  you could perform all these actions with little effort, putting your morning on automatic.  This type of action is not dangerous to your existence.  However, the problem arises, when you do things so automatically that you don't question the direction of your life and automatically accept the course of things.

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Sometimes, we get into personal habits that allow us to automatically go about our day.  These habits can be good as suggested before, such as when you are automating the dull parts of your life, whether making dinner or driving home from work.  But, for some things such as attending to the details of your life and work, you should be fully awake and engaged, present in the moment.  When you are spending time with your family,  you must be living in that moment as it is precious and there is no way to get that moment back if you sleepwalk through it.  As for any notion that a person could be hypnotized to do another's will without them knowing it, that is up for debate.  Yes, I believe that some have the knowledge and power to suggest actions to others, but these actions won't usually be against the person's self interest.  And, most times, at a deep down level you will have to want to do the action before you will allow yourself to be persuaded into doing so.

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As someone that has studied advertising, yes. You already are. If you've watched TV, read the news, went to the cinema, listened to music etc. you've already been influenced. 


Governments exercise over us what is known as "soft power", in which they seduce us to want what they want, usually by means of sex or tasty foods. Through this, they impose their agenda on us. Now, Governments aren't necessarily good or evil, but obviously they look out for their own self interests, and the way America is going right now, it doesn't equate to the self interests of the masses. 


So you need to be able to constantly question yourself on your beliefs, and really ask yourself if you're being limited in any shape or form. You also need to ask yourself why you are attracted to something, and if that is what you really want. 


As a guy I can readily say that I've been attracted to the playboy lifestyle, especially since guys like DiCaprio are portrayed as the ideal men in society. However, my true happiness lies in a monogamous relationship, and I realized that later (in fact, mankind's true ultimate happiness does in fact lie in monogamy, but including this in my post will turn it into a fullfledged essay, Lol). And even beauty! You will notice that women in the 19th century European paintings looked nothing like Victoria's Secret models. Why? Because back then, being fat = being wealthy, and hence totally hot! How hypnotized are you if you're doing anything at all to fit a standard as portrayed by the media, government and society! So think of it this way and you'll realize that you are already in a very deep state of hypnosis.

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