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I'm not lost I'm just confused - John Muir


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Living so close to Yosemite I have learned to love most all thing John Muir.  Especially the above quote and whether on a new road or an old trail and when someone asked me if I am lost I just say, no just finding a new way to get to where we are going.  Some look at confusion as a bad thing.  But since learning hypnosis (and John Muir's quote) I found it to be a wonderful thing because we know that if we have someone confused then the critical mind (conscious) can be bypassed and we can speak directly to the subconscious with that in mind here is another induction.  It is what else, a confusion induction embedded into a story, enjoy...


One afternoon a girl from the valley set out looking for her friend’s house. She was feeling rather tired and sleepy, but perked up halfway there when she realized she’d forgotten the directions. She decided to check for directions anyway, and holding the wheel with her right hand she used her left hand to place a can of coke on the floor right beside her then reaching right across her side with her left hand to her right coat pocket for the directions she discovered they weren’t there so she thought maybe they were left in her left pocket so she checked right there only to discover they weren’t there either. She then checked both pockets again with alternating hands as she steadied the car steering wheel with her knees she remembered that her friend had said that it is two rights and one left. She took a right and was left with one right and a left. She took a left and was still left with one left and two rights. She tried two rights and was left with one left, and after trying just one left alone was left with two rights, and still she had not found her friend’s house, which was starting to get a bit confusing. She decided to try a bit harder which was hard as she fought off fatigue and the traffic, and the first thing she did was reverse the right-left order, which she definitely thought was the right thing to do just then. Leaving from the corner she took a hard left, leaving two rights left, and still she was not there. A right and a left, and continuing with one more right left her not there yet either, and finally in utter bewilderment and near exasperation, she pulled off the road deciding the only decision she has left must be right, she sat back behind the wheel, took one deep breath and said “I might as well just sleep”

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