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master writer that includes all past ones that have anything to do with writing or written form


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just like it sounds like your ones with 16 voices one with all that have anything to do with writing of ones you've done Including the Facebook and song writing ones to. also would like to request one like that with all your ones with music singing and rapping and instruments. call it music man. I was having great breakthroughs in those areas when I listened to 15 up at same time on my computer but it broke so now I'm just on my phone and tablet and these areas are the ones I miss most using like this.

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This particular forum is for four voice only files. If I put all those into one, it would be really long, meaning each statement would likely only be said once. If you need to download those files, send me the names/titles and I'll send  you a list. Or you can find them here and download the MP3's to whatever device. If you'd like to make an additional request, please make one topic per post, and put in some suggested statements.

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