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Money just keeps pouring in.!


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My first post and had to share at least one of my success stories. I thought I'd try listening to 3 of the money videos every night for 21 days( plus other ones).. But the weird thing is, money just keeps flowing in. I split from a 10 year relationship and was left with just a rental flat , a bomb car and a baby. Then I found George on You tube and started getting into a playlist every night. My ex who never gave me a cent, keeps paying the rent and my bills, plus extra, I checked my bank last week and there was an extra $1100 in my account from welfare, , a community Organization offered to pay all my child care fees, my Mum sent me money saying Surprise bonus in my account last week, I found $100 in an envelope I don't remember putting there, a friend drops in today asked for a hair cut throws money on the table. I've had 9 small wins on the lotto, my father wants to buy me a new car, my doctor waive red a $285 bill I owed.. My mechanic didn't charge me for fixing the car,... Let's say manifestation .. BRING IT ON..! Not knowing where it's coming from is the amazing stuff.. I'm truly grateful as I would be really struggling right now.. PS .. Use the gratitude video with the manifestation as they are power together. Can't wait to manifest a good Man now! Sorry .. I meant a PERFECT MAN.. :-) .. One that has a successful  story.. Like a Love God with a Power Core!


The Video's I've been doing daily for finances are:   MONEY MAGNET, WIN LOTTO, WEALTH BELIEF, LOA Accelerator, INSTANT MANIFESTATION,


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WOW that is so wonderful and I am really happy to hear this!  I have had some results with the one about money, that says "you find money in your shoes" etc.  Money magnet.  I will write about it later and also from the money love program but sometimes I need to be consistent with things too but I'm definitely impressed with both and really happy with them and what's happened with them for me to say the least though.  Very helpful indeed, both of them. I'd love to know which ones you have been listening to, like which money ones?

So happy to read about this!

There are also ones on attracting a perfect partner and things like that.

I'm not quite ready but I have been personally using the "Love hypnosis" one and already I notice men responding to me differently.  The energy is really changing but I will write about that later.  It's exactly the sort of thing I am looking for right now, but someone just asked for a dream girl and dream guy one and there is a perfect partner one there, definitely try the relationship ones WOW.  So excited for you and pleased you found these.  So which money ones, please?  Thanks! 

These things really work!  So glad to know about this!  Great news for you and your baby :-) 

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Thanks Athena

Being my first post, I was a little nervous.. so I just added the Money ones I've  been listening too at the end of the original post. Yes it's great to know we do have access to Universal energies. :wub:


No I'm not really looking for a man right now.. I need to recover from the last one. :unsure: That was just my quirky sense of humour talking.. But I'm so happy to be able to work on myself and find myself again. Having these tools to help us is awesome Hey.. The other vids I'm working with are Health ones  and Spiritual type ones which I'll write up about later. Too

Good to meet you here Athena, look forward to seeing you round the forum :)

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Hi Marebleja, (I'm struggling with the Quote button).. I'll have to work on it...


 Sorry to hear but, it's time to move on to a better life for you. Try to keep in mind, that there's better things ahead and you will get through this.  :rolleyes:

Hear are My relationship breakup playlist suggestions, I'm using these ones.

Release the Past ( for relationship break ups)

Open Heart Chakra ( helps heal the heart)

Relationship Communication (helps be able to talk about it openly)

Gratitude (helps to take you focus away from the loss and be grateful for what's good)

Listen to then once a day until you feel you have overcome the relationship. I usually suggest 21 days. 21 days is a magic number for breaking habits and creating new ones. :)

All the best.. Now hop too it.. Life is short.. ! Love and Light .. Toriangel :D

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