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A Handsome man only attracts unattractive women


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Now, to preface this. There is no such thing as an unattractive woman, because unattractive women are simply those that have been programmed to believe in this. So do not label me things because of this title. I love women.  I am only helping my brothers out. 




I have noticed this a lot on the forums, so felt it necessary to share my experience running the handsome hypnosis a long time back. The only women that will come to you in this state will be unhealthy, old, highly highly insecure, etc. These types will always be women that you will not want to date. Why is this so? Because people naturally gravitate towards what it is they lack in their lives. If that is beauty, then so be it. In this state, then, you will only attractive women that believe they are not beautiful and crave this in their lives. It would be like the fantasy of the woman who writes 50 shades of grey - would you want to date a woman like that? 






Women are overwhelmingly attracted to your personality and the collective emotions they feel when they're around you. Work primarily on this, your communication style, how you dress, etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with being handsome, but if you're doing this for women... it's completely unnecessary. You do not have to look like a male supermodel whatsoever. Be enjoyable to be around and you'll get them naturally. 



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