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Questions about the products & important


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why do u have 5 min video & full length at 1 hour or something? is there a major difference between the two and can i get what i want with the 5 min one?


also is the perfect face/body works for eye color change/teeth straighten without braces / have dimples although you don't have one?


and how long will it take ??


thank you

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Some people prefer a shorter vid that they can listen too as they may not have time for the longer version. Plus they can make a playlist of the shorter vids when they wish to combind one or more for a specific goal.


As to how long it takes. That varies from person to person based on how much time they put into.


so it can take a week/less if u believe and do it a lot? and is drinking a lot of water a req like most youtube videos say?

and what is considered overdoing it? ex. 3 hours of listening  or 4 ... etc and is visualizing important meaning u can't get results without it?


and can i listen to diff subs after each other do i have to take a break? and how much subs a day limit? (since i'll be going for Cleansing & Teeth straightening & few face/body/ or aura subs )

and can the face one change eye color? if it doesn't is there anything that does?


and did u have amazing results with any of the products & anything u recommend.


thank you very much <3 and sorry for bothering u with a lot of questions :$.

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Everybody's different. It's based on your beliefs, and how much you are willing to participate in the process.


Like asking the question "how long does it take to get six pack abs?"


Some people can get them quickly because they put a LOT of effort into.


Some people never get them because they never get started.


Most people are in between.


the BEST way to answer your questions is to simply get started. Keep a  journal. Record what works and what doesn't. Keep doing more of what works, and less of what doesn't.


Life is a PROCESS, not a switch.

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The journal is a good idea!

OK, here is my experience with one of the longer and shorter versions. 

Basically, with some things I can listen to the longer versions, hear the affirmations and it just feels good but when I tried to listen to one particular one, my resistance got in the way and my mind was arguing with it, just because of a lot of resistance around that subject.  So I have been listening to the shorter version, in which I can't hear the affirmations but they are still there.  

For the other things I LIKE hearing the affirmations and it's encouraging but with this one I needed and got the more subtle version so it could get more "under the radar."  

I might try the longer one out again too, as I've listened to the short version for a bit now, and see if I react differently to it.

In THAT case, shorter version was most helpful. 

Like I said, sometimes the longer versions and hearing the affirmations is encouraging for me, for e.g. (different subject of focus) I was having money drama and I was listening to one of the money attracting ones and some of the affirmations in that are so hilarious well I personally think they are: "I find money in my shoe" "I find money in my old pants" 

It's so specific and it just makes me giggle and laugh & listening to that got me laughing and broke that state I was in of fear around money at that time.  So in THAT case, it was really helpful HEARING the affirmations - in the longer version. So, in THAT case, longer version was more helpful. 

So there's a specific example of my experience with a longer and a shorter version.   I think the journal is a great idea, maybe try a long version on one subject and a short version on a different subject and journal your OWN experiences with it? 

I'm pleased there are options for both! 

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