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Hi folks need some input here pls. I;m going to be advertising some of my services in shop windows via ad cards. I have noticed many cards in such shop windows and I want mine to stand out and catch peoples eyes so they zoom in on it. Most cards are just plain white and all look the same. If I make my card lets say... a tinge red would this be okay or might this colour be a turn off at a subconscious level? Any feedback on this plus any colour schemes would be appreciated. Cheers.


P.s George I would value your feedback too mate - after all you are a guru!

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Best way to test something like this is to simply....


...test it.


There is ZERO way you can predict before hand how something like this work. Customers, shops, time of day, weather, what was on the front page that particular day. TOO MANY VARIABLES.


I recommend trying a few different colors / combinations and just seeing what works best.


1) Figure out how to test your ad campaign (get DATA feedback)


2) Start Testing


3) Improve as needed to INCREASE ROI


that is all

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