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Sexual "Techniques" are fictional


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belief, intent and projection matters more so in these kinds of things than anything else. The idea that you need a certain sized penis or that there is any such thing as being "good in bed" is...


Pure Advertising. It does not exist. 


I can merely look at a girl, and she will smile back like she's ready to get it on. Almost instantly. I will just softly place my hands to give the girl a massage and she'll start reacting as if she's experiencing mini orgasms. Am I some kinda God descended from the heavens to make them feel this way? Hardly. 


I do, though, have the belief that I am. I also am projecting to her that I am the guy of her wildest, wildest fantasies, and I have set the intent so that she experiences the time of her life with me. 


Combined, this is pretty deadly, and will keep just about any girl treating you like the man of her dreams, as psychologically, she's getting everything she has fantasized about. So, really, just do whatever it is you want to do, and so long as you have the belief, intent and projection... you'll notice you have favorable results. So specific sexual poses, having a certain sized penis, etc. etc. are all ego driven nonsense driven into your subconscious mind by advertising. Throw that junk out. You are already the man you have always dreamed of being. 


Now go enjoy yourselves.  ;)

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While I agree belief, intent and projection goes a long way confidence wise , when it comes to sex. I do have to disagree on the size of ones penis being an issue. There are those unfotunate 0.6% of the male population out there that suffer from "micro penis". This condition can be very disheartening to someone afflicted with it.


I myself do not suffer from this for the record, but I did have a friend that did. He was able to offset this condition by using other sexual techniques he had learned from various manuals that had been put together down through the years. This allowed him enjoy a gratifying sexual life, this also lead him to eventualy meet and marry a very wonderful woman.


So in the end not all sexual techniques are fictional.


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Mine's below average. I have had no issues being called a "God". I use no techniques whatsoever, and pretty much do whatever I want to and I listen to my partners' wants/needs. I don't know what to say about your example because I am not quite there either. 


I am not talking about just confidence. I am talking about what's then going on in the partner's mind. These things are psychically connected. The affirmations you repeat to yourself then capture as your way of being, is you. So regardless of the size of the penis or whatever you will be treated that way because your partner now literally has zero option. Once in her mind the seed of that thought is planted, the emotions, feelings, vibrations, and orgasm automatically follows.  


I am very strongly starting to believe these things are almost entirely psychological. I might have to write a book on this sometime in the future and note down my experiences. Would be better if I had some case samples of guys that believe they're inadequate... or even women that believe so. 

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