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Attract spirits / entities for help


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Attract good intent spirits and protective spirits of the unseen

Word to the wise prettyeyez. One should be most careful in dealing with spirits or entities of any sort. When one opens themselves up to the spirit world even with the best of intentions, they can still sometimes attract spirits that pretend to be of a positive helpful nature. Later once they feel they have totaly won your trust, they can turn to their true natures and wreak all kind of havok in ones life.


I have been witness to some of the above mentioned activity. Others were events that happened to people close to myself or close to family members of mine. It's always best to do meditations using visualiztions of bright white light around oneself for a period of time. this allows you to be able to do it later during any emergencies that may appear due to negative spirits or entities that may show up.


I hope this helps you in your quest.

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Well maybe george will add that in there bright light protection :) thank u very much

ok so I went through the vids on souncloud. I found these vids for protection from negative being, spirits, entities.

there is two links. One for soundcloud and one for this site with the affirmations.


Again be warned. opening doors to the spirit world/plane can be dangerous. If you do this its at your own risk, Please be careful.


Thanks goes out to firekid1331 he made me remember that you can use clear quartz crystals as an added form of protection. you can charge them with white light by holding them while mediatating on your own white light. just picture them glowing a brilliant white light as you do. Hope this helps.









this one didnt have a page here on this site.


this one is for angelic influience




this one is used for increasing your psychic intuiton


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