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Take a break, and prevent burnouts


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I can't emphasize how absolutely crucial this really is. Once you've found the world of personal development, you might be a little f***** because you really want to keep on your one pointed mindset and ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING FOR YOUR PERFECT LIFE.


The issue is, this will likely take some time. Years, maybe. And during all this time, you will need to pace yourself, or you will burn out. This is a very serious issue because my burnout phase snuck up on me the last 2 weeks, and my productivity plunged to the point I accomplished almost nothing. 


Since you're self-hypnotizing yourself, you might have fooled yourself into thinking you're somehow beyond this or that you look perfectly fine so everything must be okay. No you're not. You're still a human being. Take the necessary precautions to prevent burnouts. Break out of your routine. Play time is an absolute necessity. You could be facing an internal rebellion and not even know it. 

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I totally agree with this Light. I too went totally gung ho when I first got into my own personal development. After a while though I started feel dread at the thought of it. so I backed off for a few days and did other stuff.


Later when i was more refreshed and in a better mindset I returned to working on me. these little recesses are needed giving our minds to rest and refresh themselves.

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