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Please create a video that helps create a superior mindset.  I am a professional boxer but have difficulty turning on my "killer instinct".  I need to develop a mindset that allows me to destroy opposition.  Some ideas to help with this are:


*superior to others

*more deserving than others/they deserve nothing while I/you deserve everything

*better looking than others

*you are/I am a leader; they are followers

*better than others in all ways

*you are/I am the man

*more capable than others

*take everything; give others nothing

*I am/you are special while all others are inferior

*others deserve nothing and need to be stamped out



I am new to this world so I don't know if I'm using the right terminology here.  I'd like a video that is not subliminal.  I'd also like one that uses one voice at a time.  With that said, I'm looking for a video that is not just sounds, music, and or vibrations.  I'd like one with words, but not a bunch of people speaking at once.


Thank you :)



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I would point out how this doesnt look good for someone to feel like this towards others. these affirmations in my humble opinion would only lead to a hatred like mentality towards others.  Isnt this world already filled with enough of this kind of thinking without adding to it?


instead of thinking one is superior and others need to be "stamped out" as you put it. Wouldnt working towards having confidence and being at peace with ones self. This would lead to a more harmonious relationship with the world around you.


I am sure george has some videos already made up that would help you far better in the long run.

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