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Do you have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?

Guest Beverly

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I don't really think that I would be a good direct hynosis candidate.  I know that some are easily hypnotized and have witnessed hypnotisms before, however I don't believe that I would be able to let myself go long enough to get into that trance. I'm sure I would be too nervous and anticipating it to allow it to happen.  With that being said, sometimes I easily slip into a hypnotic or dream like state when I am doing a mundane chore and am lost in my own thoughts.  However, this is a self induced state, not anything brought on by another person.  So, now I am wondering if direct hypnosis is something you can do to another person even if they are not willing, such as they believe they are not capable of being hypnotized.

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In regards to actually being hypnotized I am not sure but with regards to the actual statements the hypnotist says, maybe not.  I think repetition can help a LOT with hypnosis.  I used to argue in my mind with a hypnotist on one mp3 track and as I kept listening, in time I accepted the statements and believed them more.

I think that if it is an mp3 type of thing, rather than being in a hypnotist's office, from what I have heard and experienced, the brain is most susceptible after waking up (because part of it is still sleepy) and before going to sleep (but there is some debate about listening to hypnosis if you fall asleep and its effectiveness.  Some say this is very effective some say this is less effective.  Anyway, after waking up and before sleep you are, if I remember correctly in Alpha state and your brain is more receptive to suggestions. 


So these are great times to listen.

I can't remember who but one hypnotist said if you go to sleep to a hypnosis track but wake up at the end of it, you have actually gone deeply into trance. 

of course you don't HAVE to go in to trance to hypnosis to benefit from it! 

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Hypnosis works well with those that it works for. Anyone can be Hypnotized, regardless of your belief system. With that said, you have to be willing.

So let me try to help you understand. Hypnosis is a Natural State, it is NOT some kind of trance you are guided into and then forced to do stuff.

You enter into Hypnosis every day when you fall off to sleep. It is 100% natural. NO ONE can force you to do something against your will PERIOD!

Hypnosis is NOT about controlling people, it's about taking negatives and changing them into positives. You see from childhood we are programed with negatives. You can't do this, you can't do that, Don't do this, don't do that, NO NO NO NO NO. Your mind is programed from early in life. Hypnosis is about taking what you already possess, and bringing it out, it's about positive re-enforcement, it's about helping you achieve the things you desire, using what you already have.

Hypnosis has been sold as something it is NOT. When you speak on the subject people think you are placed into some un controlled trance state, and your hands are in front of you and you answer with YES MASTER.

In reality, when in the state of "hyper suggestibility", trance, or what ever you want to call it, you are in TOTAL control. NO ONE is in control of you. It is a very relaxed state, and those who experience it love it, because it is very restful.

You can NOT get stuck in hypnosis, it is just not possible. Worst that could happen is you fall off asleep and wake up later fully rested, this is true because it is a natural relaxing state that your body enters into every day.


If you have trust issues, then maybe you should try self hypnosis. Try it in your bed as you are ready to go to be at night. You will fall off into a wonderful night sleep. Just make your own self hypnosis CD's and try it yourself.

Hypnosis is something you should NOT fear, it is an incredible tool that can help you achieve the things you desire, by removing the fear that stops you.

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