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When someone uses covert hypnosis for bad purpose?

Guest Beverly

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There could be many good reasons to use covert hypnosis.  However, not every person in the world is pure of heart.  What if someone with bad intentions used covert hypnosis to 'brainwash' another person into acting, doing or believing something they would not otherwise?  Think of all the instances of cult leaders who influence followers to take extreme actions.  Some type of covert hypnosis must be going on there.  Is this more sinister form of covert hypnosis more or less common?

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There is always going to be good and bad. Hypnosis is NOT about controlling people weather covert or not. You can not force people against their will. Hypnosis is NOT control of others, it is changing your own actions. You have to be willing. If you want to quit smoking for instance and are ready to try, then it can help you. If you have no desire to quit then Hypnosis won't help because you are not wanting the change.

You can't Hypnotize people and then control them.

People follow cult leaders because they are willing to accept what they are told as true. Can it be used for bad? Sure. But then again so can just about anything else.

Covert Hypnosis does not give you the power to control others, with that said, it can give you the power to influence, and yes that can be used for bad, but you can not blame Hypnosis for the actions that people try and do with it, just the same as you can't blame social media sites for what people post on them.

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