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Hi, I was hoping for one massive thread where everyone comments their techniques on listening to our George Hutton hypnosis videos.

What I do is bring my iPod and earphones with me all day at school. Usually, I put half a ear in when the teacher is talking and both when the class is given time to study or do homework. I have a pretty crippling social anxiety disorder and I'm currently listening to the Approval Free hypnosis.

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I listen to some short ones in the morning - ones about waking up heh heh!

I also have one I am committed to listening to daily until that thing manifests, I hope it's sooner rather than later but I'm going to listen for up to a year.  

I play music at the same time but I can hear the theta etc. and on Saturday & Sunday I listened to the longer version, & decided I will try to listen to the longer version on weekends and non-work days - i.e. when I have more time.  I am going through the chakra program, but I play that while I play a game!  So I have it playing in the background but I can definitely hear it.  And with that I'm doing one chakra at a time till I feel it's time to move to the next, doing them in order I feel is needed.  I have some of the programs, with the conversational hypnosis I did write out examples on two things but I want to do a lot more to really LEARN them, I did record them last night, maybe I'll listen to that to help me learn it faster.  And, like I said, on the holidays I will start training myself to fall asleep to George's voice (sorry, George that came out a bit creepy of me I think!) so that I can listen during sleep.  But I'm listening to some other things first.  That's just on my iphone.  So I certainly don't spend hours on it!  But there ARE things I am listening to consistently, yes.  Another thing I find helpful to do at times is to journal my results.  Just for me, sometimes I share here and elsewhere, but in general I don't know about you but sometimes I've manifested cool stuff then later forgotten what I did (vibrationally) to help bring that into my life.  So I have an online private journal & it includes a section for any results through hypnosis, subs etc.  I'm not always so consistent, but I'm getting better! 

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