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Dream Programming and Remembering


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I am going to see if I can think of some good affirmations to add to this but I think it would be so cool to be able to dream about the topic you want to dream about - and remember it when you wake of course! 


What a cool manifesting tool, too.

But also it could help with problem solving. 


I have had a little bit of success with this but not yet at the level I want and I would LOVE to had a video on this.  It isa a bit different from lucid dreaming - though similar - in that you set the intentions before sleep of what you want to dream about and you remember that dream in the morning I THINK with lucid dreaming you are aware you are dreaming IN the dream (not straight away)  and you can change aspects of it, I think?  I'm sure some of you know much more about this than me!


Dream programming would be like (for e.g.!) you decide you want to dream about chocolate that night and to remember it and then you wake up after the dream and sure enough, it was a dream about chocolate!  Or you are having a problem with chocolate and you have a dream - after intending it - to help you with that waking-life problem and you remember that dream when you wake. 

Weird example, but do you get what I mean?  I'm going to add to this later, see if I can come up with some cool affirmations for it. 

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Hi Athena.

I haven't been here much, lots going on... in my head... Wow..


Yeah this would very good, cause our dreams are usually trying to tell us something... I'm usually in the middle of a dream and the baby wakes up screaming ..Waa Waaa.. so I get straight up and then forget everything... He's is annoying Apple :)

Yes please share, it would be good to have a thread for Affirmation/Hypno suggestions. Then you can personalize then too..

Awesome! B)

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