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Non-theta Video Files

Shaun Hutton

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Hi, Unfortunately, all the videos are burned only with the theta. However, you can remove them using Audacity. It's a bit cumbersome. (I hope to have all the MP3's uploaded, in the next month or so, so you can't skip the conversion step)


1) Download the video and convert to MP3


2) Use the eq in Audacity (or any other audio software) to get rid of anything below about 150 Hz (the theta buzz is at 100hz)



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I love George's suggestions, and the "subliminal" aspects just get in the way.  Here is what I do:  I use "Maple" which is an MP3 player on my phone that has an Graphic Equalizer that allows me to cut out the low frequencies.  For my ears and earbuds (just cutting out the 60 Hz does the job).  Sometimes I cut out some of the high frequencies on some of George's old recordings with "rain."

Then I slow down the recordings to about 75% of the original - this seems to do the trick.  This allows me to "hear" the suggestions and I love it when I find myself saying them to myself the in the appropriate situations!!!

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