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That's something I'm working towards.  It took me ages to fall asleep listening to anything as I used to be a very light sleeper but now I can.  I fell asleep listening to the Alpha Female program once but in general I sort of need to train myself to fall asleep listening to George's voice....sometimes it's easier for me to listen to something before sleep and THEN fall asleep but I'm going to work on this.  For me it takes me at least a few nights, I think, so I'll have to persevere. 

I just have ear buds.  I also have these big chunky Howard Leight headphones but I only use them if there is noise outside my room for e.g. as they are not that comfortable to sleep with - I sleep on my side.  I had to have a good look for apps that I could use on my iphone & for a while I was scared I'd lose my phone in the bed or drop it! but that doesn't seem to be an issue.  I think you COULD use a laptop or desktop computer, you'd need a good extension chord so that your laptop if you used that was still on your desk and NOT on your bed and keep the battery on charging.  The main app I used on my phone seems to have gone from the app store - it's a bit of trial & error to find a good one but there should be something out there and free too. OBVIOUSLY make sure your earbuds have a BIG space under your neck!  But I hardly think you're going to choke yourself in your sleep! I have these apple earbuds, but also two other pairs including these "Marley" ones.  


I don't think I found a way to put the subs from THIS site on my phone, just some of George's other ones....but like I said you could use a computer rather than a phone or ipad I think.  But you need a long enough extension chord so that you will not pull your laptop over etc etc. I don't think you would pull it over anyway but not sure.   I THINK it can be done.....not sure as I haven't tried with a laptop...but I THINK other people do it. 

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If you dont have a way to use earbuds for listening to the vids, then hook some external pc speakers up to your phone or laptop. and see if you can find Isochronic vids instead. with these you dont need headphones to listen to them. I sat up a small table near my bed, placed my laptop on it and set up the speakers and set media player classic to endlessly cycle through the vid or vids I need while I sleep. Hope this helps.

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I have a special mix I listen to while I sleep. I use isochronic tones embedded into white noise. That sound is about 20% and on top of that is the sound of rain, run through a compression filter that increases the bass. I have an hour session on a cheap portable mp3 player that's set on loop. It's run to a medium cost pair of pc speakers (no subwoofer). No affs or subs. I'm a pretty light sleeper and that keeps me pretty knocked out. You could do the same thing with any of these, as they are all mp3's. You could even use audacity to crossfade one into the other, giving yourself a nice long loop of a couple hours or more.


Cheap MP3 Player from Amazon


Cheap PC Speakers from Amazon


Since you're sleeping, you don't need theta. And interestingly enough, the NEW SESSIONS come with and without theta, so you can loop them while you sleep!




There's also a new freebie page that I'll be adding a lot of background type sounds (rain, waves, wind etc)



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I've literally had subliminal and affirmation tracks playing 24 hours a day in my home for the last 3.5 years. I even play them at a higher volume than you would probably expect. It is interesting how much volume you can acclimate yourself to. As of yesterday I am running the entire non theta set of "Fearless" through the player in my living room and the "Healthy Eating" non theta track in my bedroom.

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