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Hi George,

I already send an email but haven't got any response yet.

Would you mind if you check it for me? This is my email I use to send the request : lipasikintilidasionerisme@yahoo.co.id

Thanks in advance.


Please be patient. Thank you.

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Regarding Paypal:

i wanted to get paid via paypal too but i live in one of those

countries listed


 Can I get paid via PayPal?


If you live in: 

The United Kingdom

The United States



The answer is NO. You can only be paid via direct deposit.


If you live outside of the countries above, yes. You can only be paid out via PayPal.

Can I be paid via Payoneer instead?


Wire transfer?

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Hi george! Roberto marini here. I need to know if the affiliate program is still active and working properly, as very soon i want to start to advertise your products, and even suggest them to my own clients in business. Thanks to your hypnosis my life changed completly, in less than 2 years from when i bought the product in 2014. Please let me know when you can so i can start to act as needed. 

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23 hours ago, admin said:

Still alive and kicking. i get emails every day of AFF sales.

Same process. Get a gumroad ID (email address) send it to me and the products you want to promote.


Just sent the email to support@mindpersuasion.com as here i cant send you a direct message. I have a traffic source connected to my own owned business :D and i want to thanks you with sales, as if i have been able to build all of this (im financially free from years now!) is only thanks to you and your hypnosis, the lifetime access chanced my life completly and the members videos have changed my inner structure completly ...

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