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I've just recently converted all the PDF's (that go along with many of the products) into Kindle Books. All are available for $2.99.


However, since they've just been released, there are no reviews. So I'm offering, for a very limited time, the opportunity to get any products (that have a PDF along with hypnosis sessions) for ONLY the price of the Kindle Book.


Here's How:


1) Take a look through here, and choose a Kindle book that you'd like




You can also find the Kindle version on the sales pages for individual products:




2) Buy the book on kindle for $2.99. READ THE BOOK. Once you've read the book, post a review on Kindle. Only mention the content in the book. Don't mention any other products or any hypnosis sessions. Only the information in the book. 


3) Email me a link to your review (including the name used in the review) and I'll email you back the link to the associated hypnosis sessions. (george at mindpersuasion.com)




You'd like the fearless program for ONLY $2.99. Here's what you do:


1) Buy the Fearless Kindle Book

2) READ the Kindle Fearless Book

3) Post a review of the Kindle Fearless Book - ONLY mentioning the book, the contents, and how you plan to USE THE CONTENTS (exercises, etc).

4) Email me a link to your review, along with your reviewer name

5) I send you a link to the Fearless hypnosis sessions




Not all books have associated hypnosis sessions. Be sure before you purchase the Kindle Version


This offer is only good for products that have full PDF manuals, as well as hypnosis sessions.

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Please remind me what's the deal with the Mental Alchemy is that from IA program - the intelligence creativity one, is it a stand-alone PDF or from another program?

I may get one or two of these PDFs, good idea for you to do this I think I mean to get some of your work even more multi-platform (is that the word I'm thinking of here?)

I don't work for George by the way, (ha ha I wish!) (anyway I don't affiliate for anyone or really wish to) but I just want to say in case anyone reads this and thinks "but I don't have a Kindle!) that I DO have a Kindle but also I know and I know how to do this and have done it myself that you can also now put Kindle materials onto your computer and onto your phone (if you have a "smart" phone)  My kindle didn't seem to accept more books I didn't think it was very full so anyway I found an app for the phone and I also found a way to put kindle things onto my laptop, a very easy way.  I think you need an amazon account, which is free anyway but there may even be a work-around for that...so hey don't get the ebooks if you don't want them but for anyone that DOES want to get one/some of these pdfs by George but thinks, but I don't have a Kindle, that doesn't have to be a barrier, I know the workaround so let me know, OK?


P.S. Thank you for putting it on amazon's UK store as well as the USA one, or I wouldn't be able to buy it.  I don't know WHY I can't buy kindle things from the USA but at least I can buy them from the UK store, thank you for putting it on both!  

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