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Dissolve Religious Indoctrination


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I release the need for a savior


I am a god in my own right


I have a right to self determination


I have a right to question authority


I reject, release, dissolve and let go of all religious doctrine and programming in my Subconscious mind.


I have a right to believe anything I want to


I am self reliant


I release all energetic ties to the Archons and the Demiurge


I realease all victim body language and beliefs in my subconscious


I realease the victim mentality


I am a free thinker


I release the need to worship an entity


I question the status quo


I am clever and resourceful


I grow in the experience of freedom


It's okay to create your own reality


I release, let go of, delete, and dissolve the concept of sin from my Subconscious mind.


I was born pure


I release all fear of God.


I can save myself


I release and let go of the need to worship any entity


Every experience I have is a learning experience


I get wiser with Every experience


I become more powerful with every experience I have.


I allow myself to feel my emotions

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