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Who WANTS to get lasting results? Let's try this and share notes.


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I love the subs and have had some results with Wealthy Men, Irresistible Attraction and a few others but when I stop listening things stopped happening.


SO, I have a fun idea.


Let's pick one sub (something you REALLY WANT) and listen to it for for 6o days, twice a day, and then once a week thereafter - and at that time add another sub to listen to for 60 days and then once a week thereafter.


We can compare notes, results, etc.



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At present, it's a lot of reading. I read all of George's material on principle. I do this for people that read a lot. Generally what they do is they compress their experiences and reading material into notes and I compare them with whatever I know. I have self-hypnotized myself to wake up at about 4 in the morning to achieve my ends and get going. I do a long mind/body/spirit routine before starting my day off. I study great figures very intensely and read on metaphysics and the Occult. The former gives me insights into their ways of being and the latter gives you freedom, because it teaches the kind of knowledge that's not told to the mainstream. 


This and daily affirmations. I experiment with whatever works. At different times, you need different ones. There's no one set of affirmations I intend to use all the time. There are some super affirmations, such as:


I eliminate self-sabotage

I am a role model in society

I am fulfilled, well-balanced, and happy. 


The first one I have an entire thread on. The second one literally will force you to do all that you deem is your role model, and your habits will fix themselves up because you're now following whatever your picture of a role model is, through thoughts and actions. The last one is necessary because you can delude yourself into doing something you don't want to and end up in something purely for ego gratification. That, and life will slowly attract all that is you need for fulfillment and happiness. Being balanced is necessary so that the work and the play is happening on your journey. You don't want too much of one side. 


That, and it's fun to be happy for absolutely no reason at all.


As far as success goes, on the influential level, I would say it's been MASSIVE SUCCESS. So much so that I am devising a strategy that helps me get in contact with the people at top, such as the celebrities, VP's, big names, and what not. Regardless of what you want to do in life, knowing these big named entities will only make your life that much easier.


On the financial level, I have used my Intuition to almost Quintuple my stock market starting account. I have been saying this for a while, but you can develop very high levels of intelligence awakening your psychic abilities. Psychic or Spiritual abilities are not limited to Tarot card reading. In ancient times, these types could predict earthquakes, see through land to find good places to settle, and do just about everything that modern day technology does. You can absolutely train yourself to replace computers entirely and do far more, which would put you at the Top .1% of the world. Given enough time, I am certain I will develop this to that point. What really is a software program anyway? Programmers sit there and create languages to make the computer operate, and it does literally as you ask. It really is no different from the programmable subconscious mind. 


It's really important to have GOALS and the PROCESS that leads there. I would recommend buying George's Goals course to everyone, at the very least. It was free when I bought it... I believe it's no more than 10 bucks now, and worth 1000000x as much. You can all do a lot more than you believe possible. All you have to do is dare to have the craziest dream in your mind and chart your way there strategically by moving through one chunk at time. 


By the way, three things: The first two being you HAVE to work for it, and you HAVE to be willing to fall down and fail every once in a while. These two traits are absolutely necessary for success and fulfillment. The last is self-control, or willpower. Your mind will attempt to screw you over. It can be as self-destructive as it is powerful. Adopt a ritual or methodology to discipline it and you will avoid a whole lot of misery. 

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Made 4k in about 20 minutes of actual work. Invested 3 weeks ago, withdrew today. Pretty good side investment money. This is only going to grow over time. Peaks, valleys, higher peaks, etc. This has been really good for what I'd consider side money so far. As cash grows, so does my investment and return amount. Looking forward to my first million. 

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