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I always improve my life situation and relationships


I release and dissolve any need, want or desire for permission from others.


I release all guilt associated with manifesting the life I want and being successful.


I now dissolve and release any feelings of fear, guilt and shame and replace it with confidence, gratitude and pride


It is perfectly okay to assert yourself


I forgive myself of all my mistakes that I have made and release the shame and guilt associated with them


My life is important


I deserve love


I am truly loved by many people


I love and appreciate myself


I completely forgive all those who have wronged or hurt me in the past


I release all personal grudges


I release, dissolve, and let go of all feelings of insecurity


I am forgiven for all mistakes that I have made


I am completely free of all feelings of social anxiety and inadequacy


I have unlimited potential in life


I release all core fears and phobias and replace them with self confidence and courage


I release, dissolve and let go of all feelings of insecurity in my Subconscious


I am a high value person


My life gets better and better everyday


I release, dissolve and let go of all fears of abandonment


I embrace change in my life


I deserve to be respected


I release and dissolve all needs to be a victim


I now completely and permanently take charge of my life and circumstances


I am now able to say, be and achieve anything


I release all fears of success


I release, dissolve and let go of all beliefs holding me back from success and prosperity


I eliminate self sabotage


I am at ease in any endeavor I choose to do


I release and eliminate negative stress and tension in my body


I am becoming more and more self secure


I now am in control of myself and make my own choices


I am free


I deserve freedom


I focus my subconscious mind on making me a more confident and valuable person everyday


I attract relationships in my life that truly make me happy


I focus the infinite power of my subconscious mind to find effective and perfect solutions to all my problems that I encounter.


My subconscious mind gives me insight on the best course of action in my dreams.


My subconscious mind safely puts me in situations where I find information that can help me achieve my goals.


I now actively create excellence and quality in every task I do


I am now truly happy being me.


People like me because I genuinely like and love myself.


I now actively make myself a genuinely good person, which makes me feel great about myself.


I am important and worthwhile, and I now fully accept myself as such at every level and in every way.


I now actively and permanently balance my ego with humility.


I am now extremely motivated to achieve success, and I do.


It feels amazing to be motivated to succeed.


I now genuinely love and enjoy what I do for a living, and I do it with excellence, which makes me feel very good about myself.


I now cultivate a genuine sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that I have.


I feel deserving of having good things, and I allow myself to safely bring good things into my life.


I am succeeding because I am success, and success is inevitable for me, which makes me feel very good about myself.


I am now highly confident, and becoming more confident each and every day, which makes me feel very good about myself.


I now actively make myself a responsible and respectable person, which makes me feel very good about myself.


I am now actively and successfully achieving my goals, which makes me feel very good about myself.


I now actively and significantly increase my level of self esteem each and every day.








I'm going to test whether more detailed affirmations work. I'll start testing in January 2016 and Use this subliminal for the whole year. The Subconcious mind can process over a quadrillion tasks and knows when it's daytime even when you switch time zones so I doubt that it can only support short statements.

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