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I am a confident martial artist

i am a strong fighter

i am agile and quick

i enjoy martial arts training

i am highly disciplined

i am dedicated to my training

my mind id perfectly focused during combat

i have a clear mind

my punches are powerful and accurate

i am a true martial artist

martial arts comes naturally to me

my defense is impenetrable

my reflexes are fast

self discipline is easy for me

i have intense motivation to achieve martial arts mastery

my punches and kicks are extremely accurate

others recognize me as a top martial artist

my style is dominant

my style is unique

my style is perfect

i always make rapid improvement in my martial arts training

martial arts is a way of life

i am a great taekwondo fighter

i have fast reflexes

i react with speed and precision

i am a skilled fighter

my mind and body are in harmony

my mind is focused and clear

i enjoy my training

i easily handle any opponent

i am a taekwondo champion

i am focused on my taekwondo training

i naturally excel at taekwondo

others see me as a taekwondo expert

my reflexes are lightning fast

my taekwondo skills are improving daily

my kicks and punches are strong and accurate

others expect me to win fights

i can defend myself effortlessly

i kick and punch with fierce accuracy

i always win spars and fights

i punch and kick at lightning quick speed

i handle any fighting style with ease

i am strong and powerful

i always train with intensity

i always win

my opponents respect and fear me

my body is firm yet flexible

i have a perfect fighting stance

i am confident in my abilities

i have great strength and speed

i am intuitive

i am quick to repel an attack

i am in great shape

i have amazing strength, speed and flexibility  

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