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Subliminal Sex bomb dream


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So sometimes I slip on a subliminal and go to sleep for 90 minutes with that Subliminals on repeat and see what dreams I get while listening to that subliminal. In this case I tested sex magic brain bomb. I saw a fulbright big moon with it partially being a blood moon and something in the sky was shining a light on the red part. So here's what I've been able to find on the subject.


"How near or far the moon is from the earth can indicate the degree of closeness one has with one's unconscious. It can indicate of the contents of the unconscious are familiar friends or distant enemies. The moon's span from the earth can indicate the gulf between the conscious and unconscious. The greater the gulf, the more the likelihood exists that the unconscious is projecting shadows onto the waking world."


The moon was a supermoon in my dream so I guess I am close to my unconscious mind which I am considering I'm into all this mind stuff and analysis.


"A full moon in dreams can indicate that one's development is nearing completion.

This could mean that some idea that has been simmering in the unconscious is now fully cooked and ready for birth in the outer world of form."


Well I was using that Subliminal for 2 months and I was seeing results with it. Women were staring at me like with awe.


Eclipse: To dream of a lunar eclipse is a symbol of hidden secrets and emotions. If there is someone you know in a dream about an eclipse it is indicative of not trusting or being trusted by this person. Sometimes it can also show a lack of trust in the self. Often we hide our own emotions and the moon is often a representation of divine feeling and understanding. When the moon is eclipsed often the waking world doesn’t notice this – but deep down we know what is happening as we can feel a change in tides and our own inner selves are affected. Consider ways in which you could be repressing your own feelings and if it is worth the effort.


I don't understand this but I can say that the light shining on the eclipsed part may have something to do with uncovering my emotions and hidden energies.


Weird moon: "a weird and uncanny moon denotes unfavorable lovemaking, domestic infelicities and disappointing enterprises of a business character.


Nah none of this happened.


What do you think guys.

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