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Could we get a 256v for gratitude?  I think gratitude is such a universal need and help.  


Please let me know if this is too much or needs tweaking.  And of course, if I left out something obvious or crucial, please add at your discretion!





Every day I am becoming more and more grateful for what I have in my life

At the end of each day I take a moment to reflect and be grateful

Being grateful for what I have brings more abundance into my life

I am grateful for the love I am receiving at this moment

Every day I thank the universe for the qualities and talents that make me so unique

Feeling grateful puts me in a state of calm and openness

I am grateful for being able to hear my intuition

I accept all gifts graciously and with deep gratitude

I am deeply grateful for each experience life brings me

I am eternally grateful for all the pleasure my senses bring me

I am filled with a deep and profound gratitude for all the abundance in my life

I am forever grateful for the miraculous life energy in my body

I am grateful for the ability to turn inward and find peace

Good things come to me because I am grateful

My heart is overflowing with sincere appreciation for all things

I gratefully accept all the goodness the world grants me

I am immensely grateful for all the precious moments in my life

I am sincerely thankful for all my life experiences

I am immensely grateful to be able to create the life I want

I am truly grateful for the abundance now flowing into my life

I close each day with gratitude for the progress I have achieved today

I deeply appreciate all the people in my life

I commit myself to developing the highest level of gratitude in my life

I am grateful for who I am and the time in which I'm living 

I feel the happiness and gratitude that receiving my desires brings

I fill my heart with gratitude so that I am more open to receive joy in my life

I am grateful for the new wealth flowing into my life

I give thanks for everything that I have

I pay tribute to my being by living each day as powerfully and positively as I can

I sincerely appreciate all the support I receive from others

I am very grateful that I am able to reprogram my life for the better

I take the time to appreciate the simple things in life

I radiate supreme gratitude for every positive result in my life

Showing gratitude tells the universe I am ready to receive more in my life

Thankfulness keeps me connected to universal abundance

The more I give thanks, the more I have to be thankful for

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more gratitute into my life

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