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Ideal Guy with more voices


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George, when you get around to it I'd love to have a subliminal on Ideal guy....this one has some great affirmations actually:



But with more voices so I can't hear it consciously.  Sometimes I love hearing the affirmations, but with this subject, unfortunately I have a lot of resistance and sometimes doubt so it's like I want the affirmations to by-pass my conscious mind.  (In the meantime I know repetition helps & yes I've been listening.)  That would be awesome.  Thanks in advance.  

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Vimeo kicked me off for having too many "seduction" type vids, and then reinstated me, then kicked me off "accidentally," and then reinstated me.


So for now, I'm putting them all on soundcloud AND in the 256 voice section.


As far as Ideal Husband being for your current husband or future husband, Athena is correct.


For ALL of these, the MOST IMPORTANT is not the words themselves, but you're intention and your visualizations which drive your intention. The words only really need to be "close enough" as your subconscious can do a pretty good job interpreting them so long as your visualizations and intentions are what you want, and strong enough.

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I found this: https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion

some are the same as the vimeo one but the new ones are different.  

I find visualization tricky at times BUT I made a powerpoint about the kind of guy & relationship I want & started playing the ideal guy one from soundcloud in the background (or the one here but with music too so I can hear the theta but not the words, conscious mind was resisting! 

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Sounds like you've got some beliefs holding you back. Try some sentence completion to uncover the beliefs, and then reverse them grammatically.


The bad thing about meeting the ideal guy is...


if i met the ideal guy then...


I can't meet the ideal guy because...


my ideal guy will reject me because...


Then write / say outloud the second half of those, about 30-50 times each until you get to the good stuff. Then take THAT negative belief, and flip it around  until it's positive. you can repeat those positive beliefs / statements to yourself while looking at your ppt slides and listening to the mp3. THAT should be enough to distract your conscious so all the affs from the mp3 get in.

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