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Negatives in affirmations

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I'm not George (obviously!) I'm sure he'll answer when he can & hope you don't mind me jumping in but I have my own theory on this.  


My theory is that with affirmations that we use on our conscious mind, such as writing or listening to affirmations on their own that yes we should not use negatives.  You know, affirmations that have to bypass the conscious mind to get to the subconscious.  


With affirmations that are mixed with any of these: hypnosis, subliminal techniques - that includes the multi voices - theta & other brain waves as the messages BYPASS the conscious mind and go STRAIGHT to the subconscious mind I think it is OK.


JUST a theory, I don't know if I've read that somewhere or it's something I just think.


Also, with a lot of the subs on here, they are based on requests worded specifically to what the requester asked for word for word so that's another reason I think that some of the subs may have negatives in them.  

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The only time you need to worry about a negative is when you are emphasizing what you DON'T want.


I don't smoke --> I only breathe fresh air


But for statements like, "My confidence is unstoppable," the emphasis is on confidence.


Or "no human can defeat my martial arts skills" is not perfect, but the emphasis is on strong martial arts skills.


It even varies from person to person, how their brain "interprets" combinations of words. Stephen Pinker shows that some people interpret "mother in law" as two separate components, as they use the plural "Mothers in law" while others think of a "mother in law" as a singular entity and they use the plural "mother in laws" putting the "s" on at the very end.


And as Athena mentioned, a lot of these are made per requests, so I generally leave those as they are written.


Ideally, when writing affirmations, you want to take time to make them as SHORT and CONCISE as POSITIVE as possible.






Is the visualization and accompanying emotions (based on your intention for that particular session) you hold when listening


THAT more than anything tells your subconscious what you want, then it will take whatever words you are listening to and interpret them according to that visualization.

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