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Psychic Seduction (WOMEN)


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I implant lustful thoughts in men's mind

I can seduce men at a distance

I am protected from all harm

Men are hypnotized by my looks

Men love spoiling me

Because of my looks men love me

Men I choose desire to have a relationship with me

Men fantasize about me

I only attract men who are able to support me physically, emotionaly and spiritualy.

Men love to complete all my desires

I am a goddess

My thoughts spark desire in men's mind at a distance.

I can seduce any man no matter the distance

My thoughts cause men to fantasize about me

My thoughts causes men to obey me

I eliminate self sabotage

All men in my presence stop and look at me when I desire them to.

I can instantly create massive desire in men

Men love to spend all of their free time with me taking me on amazing dates, luxury trips and vacations.

Men consistently pursue me, woo me and only have eyes for me.

Men intensely adore everything about me and love to please me.

Men are generous to me and love to give me money, big financial gifts and happy surprises on a regular basis

Men love to help me and always go the extra mile for me

Men love to take me shopping and buy me anything I want without question

Men are proud of me and love to show me off to their friends and family

Men feel lucky, blessed and fortunate to have found me and forsake other women for me.

Men are addicted to me.

Men love my voice.

Men feel an immediate and strong connection to me.

Men feel an immediate physical attraction to me.

Men fall in love with me and my smile.

Men love to make me happy.

Men I choose eagerly and instantly commit to a lasting in person committed relationship with me.

I can make men have wet dreams about me

I can seduce men in their dreams

Men feel safe around me

I have an air of feminine mystery around me

Rich men love to spend money on me just to get my attention.

Male supermodels love to seduce me

I can seduce other women's men if I choose

Men always prefer me over other women

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