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Lost my willpower

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I once lost my intuition completely. Ended up spending 5 hours on the freeway for what would have been a 2 hour ride. LOL, WHAT? I HAVE ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE AND I SCREWED UP THAT BAD?


It happens. Life is in a state of constant contraction. and expansion. contraction. and expansion. It's like a dance. A part of the natural process. 


You just need to ask yourself one question:


Does this system work to get me from point A to point B? Does this work for my personal success?


In the fearless audio, there's an affirmation that says you're a role model to others. That's got huge implications to it for me, because that meant I am suddenly waking up early, I am going on a nice strict diet, I am getting stuff done, etc. etc. 


Does your role model not do that? If your subconscious senses that one pattern of behavior is unnecessary, it ELIMINATES THAT PATTERN. So somewhere along the way, your subconscious figured out OH GOOD, I NO LONGER NEED TO HAVE A STRONG WILL. ELIMINATE!


What affirmation might have caused that? Ask yourself this and you'll come to the proper conclusions. Thoroughly analyze each one and its implications it could have on your mind and body. 


This is why I keep saying, just play with one video at a time. It's the best way to go. Yes, the subconscious can handle 10,000, but do you want to really sit down and analyze each one?



... Ideally not.


And once you find the right system, stick to it. A system is a way of being that leads you on the road to success. And once there, change nothing. You can attain a Zen state by doing something as simple as playing basketball. Do not underestimate the power of a system that works. Your ego wants EVERYTHING. OH I WANT 10,000,000 WOMEN AND 10,000,000 DOLLARS AND HISTORICAL FAME AND THIS AND THAT AND ALL THE FRUITS AND THE OCEANS AND THE RIVERS AND THE COSMOS!!!


That's the ego mind for you. Cut it out. Power in simplicity. 

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Which motivates you more, moving away from pain, or moving toward pleasure.


These are two meta programs (there's about thirty) that are not set in stone, but they take some conscious effort and NLP type strategies to change.


If you are motivated by moving away from pain, and you remove the power that whatever was / is causing you pain has over you, then it may feel like you're losing your willpower.


To counter this, consider formulating a VERY SPECIFIC goal for six months, one year, and five years. Make it very specific, very detailed, very self-directed. Something you want for your own reasons. Then do some daily visualizations on those goals to build up your willpower based on moving toward pleasure, rather than moving away from pain.


Realize this is a LONG process. If your goals are vague or not clear, it won't work. It requires specific goals, self-directed, and HIGHLY CHARGED with positive emotions. 


Give it a couple of weeks.

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