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Hi George,

Firstly you are wonderful person and thankyou for everything you have given and are giving.

God Bless you.


May I Request?

Though I am not a paid member here.


I want it for my kid

let it be for both boy and girls so that everyone can use it if they want to


I want  1 video only


so that he ..

1) is a good student 

2) is friendly and charming 

3) complete work in school and do not day dream or chat in class and do not get distracted 

4) take care of his belongings 

5) don't get angry and do not abuse 

6) love book reading and enjoy it 

7) love, like writing

8) stop watching excess t.v. 

9) and control mind wandering


is it possible in one video or I am asking too much? 


will be grateful if you can also provide list of affirmations, so that I can make him read those too.






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