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I have massive enthusiasm for life


I meet amazing people in my life


I have strong life force energy flowing freely in my body.


I enjoy myself during sex


I have mind blowing sex


I enjoy myself walking in nature


I am in awe of all creation


I wake up in the morning with a passion to start the day


Everyday I learn something new that makes my life more amazing


I love my life


I follow my hearts true desire


I am passionate in sports, business and romance


I am a passionate lover


I allow myself to feel my emotions fully


Life is supportive of me


I am a happy person


It feels so good when I express myself


People love to see me happy


My life is amazing


I bring out the best in people


I have fun pursuing my goals


I am free to express myself


I am free to go where I want to go


I have many close friends who support me


I am loved


I accept myself and others easily


I am surrounded by great relationships


I accept change


I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life


People love to see me succeed


People trust me


I date the sexiest and most amazing people in the world


I have magnificent sexual relationships


I have sex with the most attractive people in the world


I am a fun person


I am a vibrant and youthful person


I always create the extraordinary


I have an amazing personality


Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.


The energy of the Sun fuels the core of my being


I come up with fantastic solutions to problems


I feel amazing everyday I wake up


I come up with genius ideas everyday


Every particle in my being vibrates with joy and happiness

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