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I am a warrior

I always emerge victorious

I am protected from all my enemies

My energy supply is limitless

I have a powerful spirit

My will is unstoppable

I rise above all limitations

I easily adapt to any situation I find myself in

I gracefully speak out against injustice

My presence causes my enemies to flee

I always defeat my enemies

I defend the weak and helpless

I am unstoppable

I always overcome all adversity

I move forward with total confidence and joy

I always find reasons to achieve my goals

I blast through resistance

I always do my best

I fully embrace my masculinity

I turn fear into willpower

I have a tremendous passion to win

My will power is unstoppable

I am a free spirit

I convert anger into focused power

I convert rage into focused power

I accept my own power

I trust my inner voice

I am always supported in life

I am free to speak up for myself

I can win battles without fighting

Everything happens for my benefit

I move beyond limitations easily

I express myself gracefully

It is okay to Assert yourself

people bend to my will easily

Everyone respects me

I can acheive anything

I persist through resistance

I confront people when nesscassary

I am unfazed by threats

I am capable of epic feats

I am extremely grounded

I express myself fully

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