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Fearless During Sleep


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So I was listening to the Fearless track during sleep last night and I had SOME BAD AND SCARY DREAMS. I was in so much rage in those dreams and at the end of the dream (in the dream) i called my girlfriend and told her I need to live with her. I was crying during the conversation btw. When I woke up my lower back was hurting me and I was kinda weak. I'm thinking that it's my root chakra that's being jolted by this track. I expect to have more bad dreams until I have faced all my fears in the dreamworld.


Another thing I have noticed is that when I lis to Luck generator a burning numb sensation comes into my solar plexus. I'm guessing that the affirmations in the track are hitting a very deep part of my unconscious mind relating to power. The area in the solar plexus region also got hotter when I listen to the luck generator track. A what do you think?

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I saw a movie that was a biography of Bruce Lee. During the movie, he kept having a nightmare about having to fight some scary demon.


Also recall that Luke Skywalker, in Empire Strikes Back, was told by Yoda that he had to "Face Vader in the cave" before he could become a Jedi.



What you are experiencing is classic Jungian or Joseph Campbell response to a hidden fear, which is reminding you of a part that you "think" may be dark or evil.


Try listening to this, while sitting up, with eyes closed, and ACCEPT rather than FIGHT any bad feelings or energy that comes up:



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