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I have been doing quiet enough research on silent subliminals( above human conscious hearing ) to call it "artificial telepathy". So i thought to myself, i wonder if i use george hutton subliminals and amp them up to a higher frequency above human conscious hearing , what would the outcome be? If george's subliminals are altered to a higher frequency range , would it have a stronger effect?

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I know by expirence. The cia used this type of technology on me... Several days after they used this technology on me, a random stranger comes up to me and says "the pizza is ready" and then leaves , after that day i haven't felt the same ,as if they did some kind of project that resembles project bluebird.lol

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Lol i found a new way of multilayering georges tracks , using the silent subliminal script on Audacity and using one 30min subliminal at 20,000 hrz and the other 30min subliminal at 17,000 hrz and its works greatly. Besides adding 30 minute music to it and you have a dynamic layered subliminal track. ???? any thoughts?

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