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I am going to keep track of my progress under this product. Currently, I am a quiet, introverted sort of guy. I can talk fine in groups, but obviously nowhere near the level Hutton's product claims I can get to. My goal's to eventually be as influential as all those famed charismatic Cult Leaders, that could move the masses and make them do the most absurd stuff (of course, I don't have bad intentions, but that sort of power will be cool). Having the sort of confidence in my conversational skills in where I know I can go anywhere and come out with exactly what it is that I want. College starts in a week, so I'll be able to test out how this product's working. I'll run this for 3 months at least (until the end of the quarter), and see how it changes my life. 


"Give me 10 minutes to talk away my ugly face and I'll bed the Queen of France" - Voltaire


And unlike him, I am one hot guy. ;)


Week 1. 


I can already feel some changes. I am more open to people and a lot of guys seem to just wave or be more open to a conversation with me. I am definitely feeling a lot more comfortable in public spaces and crowds.  

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Mid Week 3 -


I am really comfortable socially. In fact, I feel uncomfortable talking to just one person for an extended period of time in crowds... I want to keep moving and feel like I have to conquer the entire room and get to know everyone. It's gotten really easy to make friends, and I can tell some are perhaps a little intimidated by my charisma. I have also figured out the obvious secret -


If you love people, they will love you back.


That's it. Love them unconditionally. There's no other secret to charisma. Understand that they all have their own concerns, their own things in life that they need to work on, their own insecurities, etc. 

and every negative action they take is to get fulfillment. 


I have been reading up on Objections. I haven't actually tried persuading anyone for anything yet, but college starts on Thursday and I am certain I'll find myself in those situations pretty damned soon. 

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I have been reading up on Objections. I haven't actually tried persuading anyone for anything yet, but college starts on Thursday and I am certain I'll find myself in those situations pretty damned soon. 


Be sure to use some of those reframes when you argue you with your professors!


You can even prepare by practicing beforehand with some of the course material.

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Yeah, well, suffice to say this product has the same issue as with all the other products I have experienced. The same repeated pattern of -


1. Works while I listen, great results

2. Begins to fade after I stop, and I revert back to my old self but with newfound wisdom. So, a wiser version of my old self.  


This product did teach me some eye opening social construct lessons and I got better socially, no doubt. That being said, it doesn't quite transform you. There are things that you need to work on yourself. For introverts, especially, it's a long journey from complete introvert to charismatic God. There are many inner issues you need to work on before naturally reaching that level. 


So if your'e buying this product, I would say do not be delusional about the effectiveness of the hypnosis sessions. Depending on where you're at, it can be a very long term process and this is no magical pill. 


I will certify 100% though that George's techniques listed in the book do actually work. When I was using it, I felt like I could see through the societal matrix for some time. 

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I figured out the issue. it's the image problem. Essentially what happens is your subconscious clings to an identity. For example, if I am influential I cannot be a CEO because this is attributed to salesmen or CIA operatives, so in that manner it limits your intelligence. However, the issue if you're into personal development, is that we all have to take care of all areas of our lives and build a persona that can take care of it all and not just our sales skill. 


So it is permanent. However, when people switch around hypnosis tracks, the subconscious is unable to build a unified coherent self image around that, which in turn creates this impermanence. 

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