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need help urgently :: for my kid

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intelligent , hyperactive, quickreply, quickly learns and grasp things ,


mind wandering, bully, angry, ego, 

leaves assignment without any reason even though knows everything


dont want to write

addicted to tv and playing 


thinks he is the smartest and others are fools(dumb). 


if you can help me with words statements I should use please that will also be a great help.

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That's some great ideas.  

I also meant to reply to this and say, there's also actually a video here on "Healthy Wealthy Family"  http://www.mindpersuasion.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-297-healthy-wealthy-family/ (click on the click to show details link thing when it opens to see it.)

I know it's not exactly what you asked for but this is one of the affirmations included: "my family is wonderful and kind" 

I'm sure he IS wonderful and kind, he might be a really funny guy who perhaps just needs to channel his awesome sense of humor in a different direction. Who knows he could even be a future actor or comedian or both but even so,, yeah he's gonna need to be able to read and write very well.  (Even if just writing his own comedy material, & he's smart, he'll figure it out.) And TheDondada has some good suggestions here too I think. 

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Thankyou very much all of you for sharing your thoughts and opinions



i am looking for affirmations only thing 

have consulted school child counsellor's (certified), and she suggested to motivate him , encourage him.

etc. etc. 


so want to do something to program his mind...

so that he develop habit of reading books, quit tv and games addiction, 

be organized. behave more sensibly and respectfully with everyone.

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