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Curious about text hypnosis & one other question.


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I have a "subject" who has agreed to let me practice hypnosis on him, direct and or covert (yay!) however, it's an email connection.  We've talked about what I can attempt and cannot and so on, in fact I MIGHT have TWO willing subjects and one says he has a trigger word someone has given him or programmed him for or SOMETHING like that and when he feels ready to do so he will tell me what it is and we'll test it.  I've told him that I only want to use the trigger for things he wants to do and wants a push in motivation to do. 


However, with these two for various reasons I want to stick with text ONLY no voice and DEFINITELY no face-to-face and I guess I'm wondering whether direct hypnosis can WORK that way at all.  I mean if I make scripts and include inductions and - damn I forget what the wake up part is called, I need to study and I will!  - I guess my main question is do you think direct hypnosis will work at all through text or should I stick to covert hypnosis with them?  I've already included one subtle technique I know that's under the radar and although one of the subjects is among other things he seems QUITE a suggestible type and he DOES want to be influenced by me around certain agreed-upon things...but I'm quite pleased with his response: 


"I already feel under your control, taken by your words..." and "I strongly feel I'll be even more controlled, taken by your words and hypnosis more and more..."  This is one of the things that makes me think he MIGHT respond to even "direct" text hypnosis?  Again, within things he wants to do and be influenced towards anyway.  But our aim to is INCREASE those desires he already has and so on.  


He is in some ways a rather strange little man!  and I want to reassure you that I will only do things with agreement with him, I guess you could say ethically, I also DO believe in remote influence BTW and influence and persuasion and I would certainly do it up to a point & I have my limits I want I believe is acceptable and unacceptable use for me to do.  And I just REALLY want to practice all I know and all I am going to learn and he's said he is willing to be my guinea pig for ANY experiments of this nature....sorry, I'm babbling again!


So, my main questions is do you think direct hypnosis - or rather the 3 part hypnosis - induction, body, waking up (or sleeping) ending part might work at all through text on a quite suggestible subject or should I stick to the other techniques?  I'm going to try it anyway I am just curious of your thoughts....I also thought of audio things I could add that DON'T include my voice, such as music.  We've already found one way around that that seems to be quite effective on him. 


Second question is this, there's a man who wants to meet me - in public! - to discuss hypnosis further and teach me but I find myself very wary.  I mean I can go to meetup groups on this subject to learn and I'm sure there are other ways to learn and practice with voice and face-to-face when I am ready...though certain types of hypnosis are trickier for me to practice right now....anyway....I guess I feel a bit wary of this but I also wonder, well CAN hypnosis be used to get me to do something I DON'T want to I guess I mean like seduction for e.g.? I mostly think no it cannot but that's my other question.  I mostly still think there's safety in numbers but maybe he really DOES want to just mentor me I don't know.  I'm probably jumping to stupid conclusions...or,,, AM I? 

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I want to answer your second question first.  I know I am not responding to this in a timely manner and you may already have answered the question yourself, but my answer may help someone else who is in the same situation as you.  First if you do not feel comfortable meeting this person, do not do it.  We humans are the only animals who do not listen to our intuition and often regret it.  I would ask if you will not listen to me then at least listen to yourself.


Now let me tell you about my first experience with hypnosis.  I saw a posting on craigslist of someone wanting to practice hypnosis and since I at the time did not believe in listening to myself, the subconscious or unconscious mind or anything else you want to call it.  I invited this person over to my home to practice hypnosis on me because I wanted to see if this hypnosis stuff really worked or not.  Well after he showed up he put me into a light trance.  I did not feel anything different than what I feel everyday except for the fact someone was talking to me, my eyes where closed and I was relaxed.  Well the commands this person gave to my subconscious was when he said a certain word (so long ago can't remember it now)  I would go and get him a glass of water.  He spoke said word and I got up and got him a glass of water.  He also made a suggestion that when he said another word (again so long ago can't remember what it was) that I would poor the glass of water on my head.  He spoke the the second said word and I started to wondering why I even got the glass of water in the first place.  I knew he wanted me to poor the glass over my head getting myself, my couch and carpet all wet but there was a very strong voice in my head that said no.  We talked about the hypnosis session for a few minutes after and then I asked him to leave.  What I should have done was poor the water over his head and if I was thinking clearer that is what I would have done.

So CAN hypnosis be used to get you to do something you don't want?  Yes, it can if your will is not strong enough.  Watch Darren Brown "The Heist" on youtube or man hypnotizes cashier and steals money also available on youtube.


That being said it took me years to get comfortable enough to go to a certified hypnosis training where I could learn hypnosis.  But if you are able to get a hold of the Jeffery Stephens videos I recommend those above the certified training I paid much more for, because I feel I learned much more from the video than I did the 40 hours in class.


Now the first question do you think direct hypnosis - or rather the 3 part hypnosis - induction, body, waking up (or sleeping) ending part might work at all through text on a quite suggestible subject or should I stick to the other techniques?  I don't know of a way it would because Jefferey Stephens taught me that the true secret to being a good hypnotist is watching the client(and noticing all the movements and micro-expressions) during hypnosis and I do not know how one could do that via texting or without being face to face.

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Thanks for this!

For starters it was very interesting reading your experiences with hypnosis!  

Well, because of certain circumstances with those two people I had to stick to text with them and I've had some results but of course I think it would be a LOT stronger in person.  There ARE meetup groups in my city who teach it but at the moment they are only offering the expensive training - which of COURSE would be well worth it I'm sure but it's outside my budget at the moment, and I want to do practical.  When I can, I might check out those Jefferey Stephens videos if avail and in my country they sound really good.  Thanks your your reply I appreciate it! 

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